The following are resources (free and paid) that I use myself and have found to be of high value, or which have come highly recommended to me by people I trust. You won’t find the usual internet ‘hype’. Of course, just because I like them doesn’t mean they’re right for you. Please conduct a full due diligence investigation to be sure these products meet your needs, before considering their use.

And be sure to first read my Disclaimer page, as (1) I cannot guarantee the applicability of these sites to your needs (obviously), and (2) I may receive a referral commission for some of the products or courses listed on this site, if you decide to purchase their product or service. There’s more info on the disclaimer page, but also feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Prerequisite Beginner Education

FX Street – Learning Center
  • Absolutely brilliant resource for learning to trade.
  • While it does contain significant forex material, much of the information is relevant to trading in general. Just skip the forex-specific parts if you’re interested in other markets.
BabyPips – School
  • Excellent FREE forex education – work through all the lessons in the LHS menu.
  • While its primary focus is forex, much of the information is relevant to trading in general. Just skip the forex-specific parts if you’re interested in other markets.


Advanced YTC Trading Education

YTC Price Action Trader

  • 6 Volume E-Book Series outlining the trading strategy which I used on a daily basis, up until mid-2010 (from then I’ve traded the YTC Scalper variant).
  • 590 pages of quality trading education.
  • Including 377 charts and diagrams.
  • The YTC Price Action Trader provides a discretionary approach to trading the forex, FX futures and emini futures markets on short intra-day timeframes (demonstrated on the 3 min trading timeframe). Information is provided on adapting this to other markets and timeframes, if you so desire.
  • A quick overview of the contents:
    • Volume One – Introduction
    • Volume Two – Markets and Market Analysis
    • Volume Three – Trading Strategy
    • Volume Four – Your Trading Business
    • Volume Five – Trader Development
    • Volume Six – Conclusion
  • Sample pages:

YTC Scalper

  • If you enjoyed the YTC Price Action Trader, and wish to explore the application of this strategy on lower scalping timeframes… this supplementary ebook will demonstrate the way that I did it.
    • Higher Timeframe: 5 minute
    • Trading Timeframe: 1 minute
    • Lower Timeframe: 1 range
  • Please Note: YTC Price Action Trader is a prerequisite… without it you’ll be missing some key components, in particular the theory of markets and methods of market analysis. Please read it first!
  • For more information on YTC Scalper, including sample pages, go here: YTC Scalper



Alternate Trading Courses or Education

(For those looking for something different to the YTC Trading Courses, described above)

The only education I’ve completed that I am comfortable recommending:

TradeStalker by Mike Reed

  • E-Book
  • CD Rom Course
  • Trading Bootcamp
  • TradeStalker by Mike Reed
  • Price action based setups for daytrading the ES futures market.
  • Click here for the main course & education page.
  • I have the “Read the Greed. Take the Money” ebook and the RTG Live CD Trading Course and love them. Look through Mike’s site and his free articles and videos. If you are an ES trader (or would like to be) and enjoy Mike’s style from his free content, then start with the ebook to discover his setups and consider following along with his subscription service (there is a free “delayed” trial). If you require more assistance with the setups, consider the CD course which allows you to watch as Mike trades his setups. There is a Trading Camp to take it further but I have not attended this so can’t give feedback. All I can suggest is that I love Mike’s work on his ebook and his CD course.
Adam Grimes – The Art and Science of Technical Analysis
  • The course is structured in four parts:
    • The Foundation of Profitable Trading: (3 weeks) focuses on the math behind profitable trading, and different ways to find an edge in the market.
    • The Patterns of Profitable Trading: (5 weeks) each week focuses on a specific trading pattern with the student doing testing and analysis to verify the pattern in live market data. This is also a critical part of developing your own system and approach based on these patterns.
    • The Skills of Profitable Trading: (6 weeks) extends the work of the previous section by drilling deeper into some patterns, looking at ways to combine tools, screen for trades, and working to understand the consequence of decisions in the marketplace.
    • Special Topics: (5 weeks) This is the section that may be expanded or, perhaps, delayed, depending on how complicated production turns out to be for the rest of the course. Currently, I plan to do a week on these topics: daytrading, system development/system-assisted discretionary trading, options I, options II, and long-term investing.



Recommended by others who’s opinion I trust:

Global Trading Tools
LBR Group
  • Learn from one of Jack Schwager’s Market Wizards – Linda Bradford Raschke (also check out Linda Raschke’s book, Street Smarts)
Wyckoff / Volume Spread Analysis
  • Although I don’t trade pure Wyckoff / VSA methodology, the principles underlying my strategy can very much be seen within the Wyckoff and VSA material.
  • I recommend studying anything and everything you can find on Wyckoff and VSA. Some great starting points:Please note: I have not used the TradeGuider software or joined the VSA Club – recommendations here are based solely on the high quality of their other material and their Best of Wyckoff seminars. Conduct your full due diligence checks.


 Business Management

Trading Journal



  • Trading Journal Spreadsheets

  • for Stocks, Forex, E-mini Futures, Options, Spread Betting or CFDs

  • This is the best value for money spreadsheet log I’ve found on the internet. This is the one I use and recommend.
  • It tracks multiple performance categories, and allows for multiple Entry/Exits.
  • It’s feature packed and comes with great support from the creator (who is also a trader).
  • It’s a must-see, especially if your not currently tracking your trading performance.
  • If you want to see what it looks like, there are some screenshots and slideshows on the Trading Journal Spreadsheets website.
  • It’s also the spreadsheet that I used while filming this video – check it out here – “Trading Journal – What is the Minimum Data You MUST Record.”
For Equities Traders using NinjaTrader
  • If you trade equities via NinjaTrader (USA, ASX, TSX or NSE) then have a look at Global Trading Tools "Easy Load" Equities Installer.
  • This tool allows you to chart stocks on NinjaTrader, without having to manually import the list and manually mapping each symbol to your data feed.
  • "Easy Load" is available for the following exchanges:
    • NYSE, NYSE MKT (formally AMEX) and NASDAQ Exchanges
    • Canada’s Toronto Stock Exchange & TSX Venture Exchange
    • Australian Securities Exchange
    • National Stock Exchange of India


Market Replay data for NinjaTrader



  • Fast Market Replay Data at Your Fingertips
  • Market replay is one of the most important features that allows active traders to validate strategies, test indicators, as well as enhance and polish their trading skills. Our Add-On solution for NinjaTrader platform allows you to download and manipulate market replay data for most popular Futures and Forex instruments.


Economic Calendar


Forex Tester 3
  • From the website:

  • Forex Tester is a software that simulates trading in the forex market. It is designed for you to learn how to trade profitably, and to create, test and refine your strategy for manual and automatic trading.

    • Test and improve your strategy for consistent and growing profits!

    • Grow confident in your strategy so you can keep a clear head, act immediately on trading opportunities and avoid mistakes when you trade live later on!

    • Become an experienced and successful trader in less time!

What Trading Tools Do I Use?

Charting & Trade Execution:

Trading Journal Spreadsheet:

Trading Logs:

  • Hardcopy (I’ve tried moving into the 21st century… however I find I refer back to these more often if they’re in book or folder format)


Clock / Alarm / Timer:

Screen Capture and Image Editing:

  • PicPick  (I highly recommend selecting the Custom Installation rather than Standard Installation, so that you can untick all the browser toolbar and search add-ons)


 Trading Psychology

High Performance Global – Steve Ward


High Performance Global – Steve Ward

  • For details of the next TraderMind webinar series, see here: TraderMind Trading Performance and Psychology Program 

  • For some great trading psych content, sign up for the free monthly trading performance and psychology podcast on the HOME page. And also go to the RESOURCES page for some great article, video and podcast content!

  • And be sure to see Amazon for Steve’s book, “High Performance Trading”, including reader reviews.


high performance trading


(That’s me by the way… not Steve! 🙂


Denise Shull – Trader Psyches
  • Trader Psyches blog, by Denise Shull

  • This is an exceptional trading blog. Unfortunately it’s only updated infrequently, but it’s well worth reading every time.


My Ebooks

YTC Price Action Trader
  • YTC Price Action Trader

YTC Scalper
  • YTC Scalper
  • Please Note: YTC Price Action Trader is a prerequisite… without it you’ll be missing some key components, in particular the theory of markets and methods of market analysis. Please read it first!

YTC Free eBooks
  • Trader’s Checklist – Steps to Trading Success
  • The Greatest Trading Book – Ever!
  • The Importance of Exit Strategy
  • How to Conduct an Effective Trading Session Review
  • Poster – Common Candlestick Charting Patterns
  • Candlestick Charting Quick Reference Guide
  • Poster – Charting Patterns (Macro)


 Other Recommended Ebooks

Read The Greed


  • Read the Greed, by Mike Reed



Recommended Hardcopy Books

YourTradingCoach Bookstore

The only hardcopy books I currently recommend

  • The Art and Science of Technical Analysis – by Adam Grimes
  • Street Smart – by Linda Raschke and Laurence Conners
  • The Disciplined Trader – by Mark Douglas
  • Trading In The Zone – by Mark Douglas
  • Trading For A Living – by Alexander Elder
  • Come Into My Trading Room – by Alexander Elder
  • Entries and Exits – by Alexander Elder
  • Trading Is A Business – by Joe Ross
  • Trading The Ross Hook – by Joe Ross
  • Enhancing Trader Performance – by Brett Steenbarger
  • The Psychology of Trading – by Brett Steenbarger
  • The Trading Game: Playing By The Numbers To Make Millions – by Ryan Jones
  • Day Trading The Currency Market – by Kathy Lien
  • Japanese Candlestick Charting Techniques – by Steve Nison
  • Trade Your Way To Financial Freedom – by Van K. Tharp
  • Dave Landry on Swing Trading – by Dave Landry
  • Long-Term Secrets to Short-Term Trading – by Larry Williams
  • Trading to Win: The Psychology of Mastering the Markets – by Ari Kiev
  • The Investor’s Quotient: The Psychology of Successful Investing in Commodities and Stocks – by Jake Bernstein
  • The Way of the Warrior Trader – by Richard McCall
  • Techniques of Tape Reading – by Vadym Graifer
  • Mastering Futures Trading – by Bo Yoder
  • Optimize your Trading Edge – by Bo Yoder
  • Mind over Markets – by James F. Dalton, Eric T. Jones & Robert B. Dalton
  • The Talent Code – by Daniel Coyle
  • 10-Minute Toughness – by Jason Selk
  • One Good Trade – by Mike Bellafiore
  • The Playbook – Mike Bellafiore
  • High Performance Trading – by Steve Ward

See all these books via Amazon: YourTradingCoach Bookstore



Recommended Website Content

Informed Trades
  • The Free Trading Courses page is a MUST see. Contains tons of great material!

  • Joe Ross
  • Great price action analysis – make sure you get the free download of “The Law of Charts”
  • His books are great – I have not reviewed the live mentoring though.


Recommended Blogs

The YourTradingCoach Blog


  • Of course… I couldn’t have a “recommended blogs” list without including my own.  🙂

Adam Grimes
  • Adam Grimes
  • Brett Steenbarger
Trading Success
  • Ray Barros
Don Miller Journal
  • Don Miller
SMB Training
  • SMB Capital
Trader Psyches
  • Denise Shull
Nifty Nirvana
  • Nifty Nirvana – a blog by a trader who has blended components of the YTC Price Action Trader methodology with his own knowledge and skill set, to make something quite unique and spectacular. He offers some great insights into trading psych and learning theory as well. It’s always a great read.
  • Before reading his blog I’d recommend his 50+ page free ebook, which will provide you with all the background trading philosophy and strategy:


Something for my fellow Aussies…

Australian Technical Analysts Association


  • If you live in Australia and wish to learn or improve your technical analysis, this is an organisation which meets monthly in 9 locations across the country – Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, Newcastle, Perth, Sunshine Coast, Sydney and Toowoomba.
  • Membership benefits (in addition to the meetings) includes access to the ATAA web resources and document library, free access to INO TV audio and videos, access to a VHS and DVD trading video library with several hundred educational videos, an annual conference, and ATAA members are also eligible to enroll in IFTA’s education program, which provides two an internationally recognised qualifications in technical analysis.
  • Full details are available at



 Money Show
  • Moneyshow Webinar Archive
  • ISE Webinar Archive
FX Street
  • FX Street Webinar archive
Trader Kingdom Webinars
  • Trader Kingdom Webinar archive


Audio / Podcasts / Radio


Christian Financial Radio Network (CFRN)

  • “Prosperity for God’s People”. A 2005 People’s Choice Award winner, is now heard in over 20 countries every trading day from 9:00am – 11:30pm Eastern. Our host DeWayne Reeves, CEO of Christian Traders and CT Global Media, is also the founder of New Hope Orphanage and school in Kampala, Uganda, East Africa. New Hope is home to over 800 aids orphans. Tune in as he trades the S&P emini live in real time with a daily goal of 2 points or a 20 % ROI during each 2 hour broadcast.


Risk & Money Management

(Feel free to recommend  something)  


Trader – Performance


I currently use the following tool to ensure maintenance of an ideal trading state: emWave2 biofeedback device

My emWave2:


Breathing, Tai Chi, Qigong

Breathing exercises are an essential part of my trading routines for establishing an ideal trading state and for maintaining that state.


I’ve also used Tai Chi for many years for relaxation, and as a form of moving meditation. Although in the last two years I’ve become much more fond of Qigong for this purpose.


There are several different styles of tai chi and it’s important to ensure that any products you buy are related to your style. But for those who have a general interest in internal health through martial arts such as Tai Chi and Qigong, the following are two sites I’ve found which provide exceptional quality.


More coming soon…




Trader – Personal Development

Speed Reading

Back in the early to mid 90’s I read a book which proved to be one of the most valuable books I’ve ever read. The book provided an introduction to the topic of speed reading; providing structured approaches to effectively skimming and scanning a book before reading, and exercises to increase reading speed while still maintaining comprehension through overcoming some of the common faults such as subvocalisation and regression.


I’m certainly not an expert but the end result of using these techniques is the fact that I have read over a hundred trading or trading-related books since this time.

I don’t have the book any more. It’s not important which one it was.

There are many at Amazon if you’re interested.

But recently I’ve been introduced to two online tools which allow practice and development of skill in this field. Spend five to ten minutes a day on either of these sites and I expect you’ll find great benefit.

Thanks to for alerting me to these links! 🙂


More coming soon…