Trading Process and Strategy

The Confusion of Trends on Different Timeframes

Here’s another great question from a YTC newsletter reader… Question: Lance, I have another question. Its to do with “the trend”. We are told, “the trend is our friend”. We are also told, “the trend is our friend until the end”, and we are told, “trade the trend until it bends”. But the weekly and…

Trading Process and Strategy

Trapped Traders – Part 2

Trapped traders are a simple concept you may wish to incorporate into your trading strategy, due to its potential to offer higher reliability trade setups.  Part 1 of this series introduced the 3-Swing Retrace. If you missed that article, you’ll find a copy at this address:  In this article, we’ll look at setups which…

Trading Process and Strategy

How Support and Resistance Areas are Created

Question: Hi Lance, In his text on support and resistance, Mike Reed talks about traders hoping the market will return to a level of support or resistance  so they can break even in that trade. So are levels of support and resistance more to do with the behavior of traders than the actual value of the dollar, Thanks from Brian.    Answer:


Controlling Greed

From time to time I like to share some of the reader Q&A, as it often contains lessons or information that is important for all of us who aspire to master this trading game. The following is a great question from one of the YourTradingCoach newsletter readers, Rory:   Question: I have to thank you…