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5 Steps to Effective New Years Trading Resolutions

As we come to the end of year you’re all hopefully spending some time to review the prior year and plan the upcoming year. Maybe you’ll even make some New Years trading resolutions! The following five steps will assist in making better plans and resolutions; hopefully allowing you to stick to them beyond the 2nd…

Trading Business

Don’t Waste the Christmas / New Year Break

  Trading stopped for me yesterday (22nd December) and will not recommence till the first Tuesday in the new year. Yes, markets are open during this period, but with many professional and institutional participants on holidays, volumes will be lighter and any opportunity will be lower probability. I prefer to take a break rather than…


Trading Angry? F**k Yeah!

A common assumption is that a trader needs to be operating with a calm mind and relaxed body in order to trade with maximum focus and ensure peak performance. Generally, I agree with this idea. Relaxation and positive affirmations have been some of the main tools I’ve recommended when asked for assistance with mindset and…

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Who Will Give Up First?

Last weeks newsletter article (“The Most Important Question You Can Ask”) generated quite possibly the second largest email workload ever (behind the 4-day backlog generated by “6.18 Reasons Why Fibonacci is an Illusion”). The feedback was all incredibly positive and supportive of my efforts with the YTC site. Thanks to all who responded. It’s greatly appreciated….

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Productivity Tip – Increased Webinar and Video Playback Speed

I watch a LOT of trading videos and webinars. Whenever possible, rather than watching them live or streaming them, I prefer to download the video which then allows more active control over the playback speed. I personally find that playback at 1.4 times the normal speed still allows the presenter to be clearly understood, while…