Reader Email – A Breakthrough in Understanding Sentiment

The following email was received from a YTC Price Action Trader reader who has had a breakthrough in understanding how price movement (or failure to move) can influence trader sentiment. Well done! The next step is being able to see this effect playing out across two timeframes, seeing how the shift in lower timeframe sentiment…

Lower Timeframe Triggers into Trading Timeframe Setups

I'm a big fan of using a lower timeframe to trigger into setups identified on a higher trading timeframe. Typically that lower timeframe trigger will be based upon some kind of candlestick or micro-chart-pattern. The following was an email request I received from a trader who is developing his skills at the same concept. Mr….

Are You Creating and Using Your Market Structure Journal?

Are you creating and using your market structure journal yet? If not, why not? (If you're not aware of what that is, why not? It's on my ebook page. See "The Greatest Trading Book – Ever!" at It doesn't matter which market or timeframe you use. Market structure concepts apply to all markets and…

More… Anticipating Traps

In last week's newsletter we looked at a more enlightened way to use TA – anticipating and exploiting traps within the marketplace. Here's the link if you missed it:   Today, let's look at another example of the concept discussed in this earlier article.

The Double Failure Pattern (Revisited)

When I identify a setup area based upon the structure of the market, one thing I absolutely love to see is a double failure pattern. The double failure pattern was discussed in a prior article ( and involves two failed attempts to breach a significant structural area of the chart. Entry is on the failure…