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This is the REAL Challenge of Trading

Price has collapsed rapidly at the start of the new session

Following the initial low, then a retest, price pulls back to offer us a 3-swing-retracement entry short (also could just as well be considered an upthrust).

(Chart Info: Crude Oil, 20 Jan 2012, 1-min chart; although the concept discussed in this article applies to all markets and all timeframes. Timeframes used for the trade were 1-min and less (YTC Scalper timeframes) although the trade decision making and management in this instance were pure YTC Price Action Trader, not YTC Scalper).


How I Define and Use an S/R Framework when Price is in No Man’s Land

This article is in response to a great question from a YTC reader:

  • How do you conduct analysis for a market that is in "No Man's Land", i.e. in an area where there are no S/R levels. I'm looking at the NQ right now and it's trading above it's recent historical levels, so there are no S/R lines to use as reference.

Before answering, let's first have a look at NQ at the open of this particular session. I've displayed a 30 minute chart so that we can see where it's opening with reference to the last couple of sessions.