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Are You Creating and Using Your Market Structure Journal?

Are you creating and using your market structure journal yet?

If not, why not?

(If you're not aware of what that is, why not? It's on my ebook page. See "The Greatest Trading Book – Ever!" at

It doesn't matter which market or timeframe you use. Market structure concepts apply to all markets and timeframes. Price action concepts apply to all markets and timeframes, if you want to include them in your journal. YTC Price Action Trader principles apply to all markets and timeframes, if you want to include them in your journal.

In my opinion this is an essential tool for learning and development.

Just do it! 

Any market; any timeframe!

Stocks… NSM daily chart:

market structure journal example

Forex… EUR/USD 1 hour chart:


Trade Review – Pullback

After several days of post-Hurricane-Sandy nothingness in the markets, finally the Crude Oil Inventories report was being released. Perhaps this will move the markets! Postponed twenty four and a half hours from it's usual release time, it's been highly anticipated at my trading desk.

Thankfully it didn't disappoint (or at least the first 10 minutes didn't anyway – the rest was rubbish).

Even more important though… it gave us a trade to review.

The following trade is a simple pullback comprising of one short single-swing leg.

simple pullback

These can be a challenge to enter. How deep will the pullback go? When is the right time to enter?

There are numerous ways to enter a simple pullback. The following diagram offers a few of the more common methods I use (all based on lower timeframe data):