Creating the Conditions for Success

Performance psychology plays a VITAL part in my daily trading routines and processes, as I’ve outlined in the image below. Have you established your own tools, methods and strategies to ensure peak performance? If not, why not? Your trading strategy may contain a tested and proven edge, and yet all too often we see traders…

Trading Process and Strategy

Focus on the Right Timeframe

I operate with three timeframes: Higher Timeframe – Defines the S/R structure within which the trading timeframe moves. Trading Timeframe – This is used to define the trend, market bias and to identify setup locations. Lower Timeframe – This is used to fine-tune my trading timeframe analysis and to time entry and exit decisions. I…

Trading Process and Strategy

The Reality of the Market

Recent Facebook Comments From here: Post: The reality of the market is traders making trading decisions. It's all about people, not price. Individual traders make trading decisions based on their perception of the market. The net effect of all traders operating within the market will result in net bullish, bearish or neutral sentiment, which…

Trading Process and Strategy

When Fighting the Trend

(Continuing our occasional theme of "We all learn more when Lance screws up!" 🙂 There are two important considerations when trading against a clear trend… Are my entries in a wholesale price region? Is my trade management defensive?   These two considerations should be in the forefront of your mind, if you wish to preserve…


Does Trading Add Value to Society?

If you're not on facebook ( then you would have missed this recent Q&A: Question:  (in response to a repost of this old article: I saw this in your recent article, "And I certainly believe that the career of a trader does provide significant benefits for society (a subject for another future article perhaps)"….


Caution – Lazy Preparation of Education Material

Let me give an example of a point made in the Trends & Channels video, in which I stated the following: With hindsight it’s always easy! So when you see educators marking up charts saying, "See how the trendline defines the trend… and see how you could have entered here and here and here". Don’t…