Trading Business

Trading – A Dynamic and Ever-Evolving Process of Growth and Development

The business of trading is a dynamic and ever-evolving process of growth and development. You don't ever reach the finished state. Instead, you're always in the process of "becoming" a better trader. Novices make the assumption that when they find the right system, then the job is complete. Nothing is further from the truth! As…

Trading Process and Strategy

The Reality of the Market

Recent Facebook Comments From here: Post: The reality of the market is traders making trading decisions. It's all about people, not price. Individual traders make trading decisions based on their perception of the market. The net effect of all traders operating within the market will result in net bullish, bearish or neutral sentiment, which…


Does Trading Add Value to Society?

If you're not on facebook ( then you would have missed this recent Q&A: Question:  (in response to a repost of this old article: I saw this in your recent article, "And I certainly believe that the career of a trader does provide significant benefits for society (a subject for another future article perhaps)"….