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One Trade – Multiple YTC Concepts

I particularly like this trade.

Not just because it wins.

But because of the reasoning behind the trade.

Immediately it was closed I thought it had to be the basis for a YTC article, simply to demonstrate the entry pattern.

But on further thought, it actually displays many of the concepts we have discussed here at over the last six years.

Let's check out the trade from last Tuesday's Crude Oil markets.

complex pullback trade


Prime Your Brain for a Permanent Performance Gain (in a Few Minutes)

Guest Post by Steve Pavlina,

Inside your skull is a massive supercomputer. You own it free and clear. With its 100 billion neurons, and with a typical neuron linking to 1000 to 10,000 other neurons, your highly networked brain is incredibly powerful and capable.

Pick up a simple object nearby like a pen or a spoon, and look at it. Turn it upside down. Spin it around. Notice that your brain is able to recognize the object no matter how you position it. You can change the lighting by putting the object in shadow. You can obscure part of it from view. You can bend or break it. And your brain still recognizes that object simply and easily. Even a child can do this.

But what’s happening under the hood? Your visual cortex, consisting of about 538 million neurons, is doing an enormous amount of parallel processing on the signals it’s receiving from your eyes. Your visual cortex detects edges, evaluates color, tracks motion, interprets reflection, and more — all in real time.