Sometimes you need TIME-OUT

  No… not the naughty chair. This is not a punishment. Sometimes you just need to separate yourself from the screen. Get away from the computer. Get some fresh air. Relax and refresh the mind and come back to start again. Like a reboot for the trader!

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You Can Do This!

    My aim in this article is simple – to stop you “tweaking” your approach based upon the results of 2-3 trades. So, what are your stats for the last twenty trades? You don’t have any? Perhaps that’s the problem. Start recording stats now! Or were your last twenty trades inconsistent with respect to…

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Trading a Small Account with One Contract (Part Two)

  Last week we discussed my thoughts on trading a small account with one contract. See here if you missed the article – We finished up by stating the following: It doesn’t matter which management style you choose; a higher probability smaller win target (like my “part one”) or a lower probability larger win…