Trading Process and Strategy

Reader Session Review

  I received an email recently from trader MK which I want to share, as it contains a few good lessons. MK has kindly provided permission to share his session review. (His words… “You can use the email and the charts, that is why I sent them. It is important for traders to know that…

Trading Business

Gap Closure

  Reader Email: To: Your Trading Coach Hi Lance, I thought this was pretty cool and just wanted to show it to you. Nick Attached Image: (*** Click on the image to open a larger copy in your browser! ***) My Thoughts:

Trading Process and Strategy

Buy Because There Are No More Sellers (with lower timeframe)

  A fortnight ago we looked at a few trades which were entered using the concept of "buying because there are no more sellers"… or "buying because the market can't go down". I've received some requests for another example. And two people asked to see what I'm looking at on the lower timeframe. So…