Trading Process and Strategy

The Other Trader (3)

  In recent months we looked at a number of metagame examples – trading at places where the "the other trader" feels extreme stress or fear. You'll find some of these articles, if you missed them, here, here and here. Today, I thought we could look at another one. Because I just LOVE these setups….


Not All Sessions Provide Equal Opportunity

On Thursday morning I woke to find two emails somewhat related to the same topic – the challenging trading conditions we’ve experienced so far this week. So my first thoughts were to expand upon a topic I shared via social media a bit over a week ago. Because I know that only a small fraction…


Do No Harm

  There is a principle within the field of medical ethics which is often expressed through the phrase, "First, Do No Harm". To simplify the concept, it means that we should ensure that our decisions and actions do not contain potential for harm which far outweighs any potential benefit. I like this principle. It's useful…