Trading Business

Thoughts Leading into the New Year

  My performance last year… NO LONGER MATTERS. WHAT MATTERS… IS WHAT I DO RIGHT NOW! I am scheduling time during my Christmas and New Year break for three major areas of focus: 1. REST I don't yet know the challenges that I'll face in the new year, but I know that I will be…

Trading Process and Strategy

Nothing “Always” Happens

  One of the essential breakthroughs we need to make in our journey involves learning to think in probabilities. It's something that all traders say they understand. But, for most new traders, their behaviour and decision-making shows that it has not been accepted. This came to mind when I received the following email question: –…


Missed Opportunity Mindset Hack

  The end result is that I still have a profit. And yet I feel crap. And my mind starts beating me up for not doing better. All part of being human, I guess. But not ideal if you wish to be an effective trader. There is very little to be gained by carrying negativity…

Trading Process and Strategy

Find Your A+ Trades

  Let's continue this recent theme… Focus on the areas of the market structure that jump out at you. The sequences that are so obvious, so easy, that you'd be kicking yourself if you missed the trade. Identify them. Study them. Learn from them. And then trade ONLY them… until you've got a proven edge….