Month: March 2018


Remain Focused and Get In on the Retest

  The aim of today's post is to highlight two lessons we discussed in previous years, which came into play in a recent price sequence. We don't profit from regret. We profit from quality decisions in the NOW. So when you miss a price sequence that you feel you "should have" caught, you need a…

Trading Business

You’re Fired!

  I recently sent out the following social media post: This was my favourite reply: Ha ha! Awesome. All jokes aside though, I think this is just so important. I feel we need to discuss it in greater detail (and get it out to thousands of you via the newsletter, rather than just a few…

Trading Process and Strategy

Structure within Structure

  The following image was sent out via social media recently. In response to these postings, I received the following question via email: "Wondering about today's FB post about emotion driving the market. In the chart example you have given, is there any entry for YTC traders at all?"   Great question! And very applicable,…