What’s Going On when you Hold Past the Stop

  I'm always fascinated to hear from traders who have trouble exiting a trade at the stop loss. The ones who move the stop loss further away to avoid the exit. And then move it further. And further. Until eventually, they can't take the pain any more, so they get out of the trade and…

Trading Process and Strategy

Simple Session Bias – 2

  Last week I introduced two quick and simple methods for establishing the "bigger picture" bias for the trading session. Let's look at this concept one more time, reviewing all sessions since last week's publication. We will focus this time on the opening range method (my preferred method) and go into a little more detail….

Trading Process and Strategy

Simple Session Bias

  Maintaining context is essential for effective price action trading. And while that is true for all timeframes, it's especially so in the lower intraday timeframes where you can easily get caught up in the tick-by-tick battle between the bulls and bears. My primary tools for context are the trend structure which I view on…