Trading Process and Strategy

Simple Session Bias – 2

  Last week I introduced two quick and simple methods for establishing the "bigger picture" bias for the trading session. Let's look at this concept one more time, reviewing all sessions since last week's publication. We will focus this time on the opening range method (my preferred method) and go into a little more detail….

Trading Process and Strategy

Simple Session Bias

  Maintaining context is essential for effective price action trading. And while that is true for all timeframes, it's especially so in the lower intraday timeframes where you can easily get caught up in the tick-by-tick battle between the bulls and bears. My primary tools for context are the trend structure which I view on…

Trading Process and Strategy

Patience at the Open

  Until you have a good read of the market, there is NO TRADE. Confidence in your real-time understanding of the market structure. Confidence in your real-time understanding of the nature of price movement. Confidence in your real-time assessment of market bias. Confidence in your projection of that market bias forward in time and price….


The Mindset of a Champion

This recent social media post is just SO IMPORTANT, I thought we should expand upon it and get the ideas out to the whole YTC audience. This is just a perfect example of a growth mindset, viewing losses as feedback that serve to drive further improvement and growth. There are two things that I love…

Trading Business

Slow, Steady, Incremental Progress

  Excerpt from an email from J.L. Finally, do you have any articles that could be helpful going from sim to live?   Let's write one now… Do NOT rush. The markets will always be there, ready and waiting for when YOU are ready. The journey takes as long as it takes. And the psychological…

Trading Process and Strategy

The Other Trader (6)

  Let's continue with an old article series – the metagame – trading AGAINST other traders who find themselves on the wrong side of the market. Because… If I can't feel someone on the other side of the market getting it really wrong, there is no trade. You can see the prior articles here if…


Learning from Baseball’s “Mental Reset”

  I recently sent out the following two posts via social media, discussing the importance of having a plan in place to quickly clear your mind and get back into the game, whenever you sense frustration of any kind: In response to these posts, I received the following exceptional email: Hi Lance, I liked your…

Trading Process and Strategy

Higher Timeframe Pattern Breakout – 2

  Last week we looked at the following chart sequence showing an obvious symmetrical triangle pattern within my higher timeframe chart. See here if you missed the recent article – I don't know if I was somehow influenced by that article. I don't usually look for patterns on the higher timeframe chart. It's primary…