Trading Business

My Go-To Method for Solving Trading Problems

The internet is full of problem-solving models and systems. But here’s one I’ve been using my whole trading career. It’s a simple series of three questions. A subset of five questions regularly used back in my Aviation days in order to manage risks (only three of the five are usually relevant in the trading field)….


Resume the Fight at a Time of YOUR Choosing

I sent the following post out via social media on Tuesday, prompted by some discussion with a trader who dug himself into quite a hole through doubling down on losses. This message is so important I thought I'd share it with my larger audience here in the newsletter. And also take the opportunity to expand…

Trading Process and Strategy

Traps on a Retest of a Level

  My normal trading times are between 09:30am and 12:00 midday US Eastern Time. You won't see many trades after midday because in my timezone that is 3:00am. It's time to complete my post-trading routine before getting some well deserved rest. But occasionally circumstances allow me to push a little beyond this midday (3:00am) time…