Step Back – Define the Edges – and Wait

  Let's talk about recovery from a poor start to a trading session. Like this one… So here's the plan in three stages… Whenever you step away from a chart and miss a sequence of price action, you can almost always look back at it with hindsight and see opportunity that you could have taken….

Trading Process and Strategy

One Winner One Loser

  A question received last Monday: "Are you trading today? It's a holiday but the market is open." For future readers… Monday was 11th November 2019. Veterans Day. And yes, the economic calendar which I use also has this listed as a US holiday. But the market is definitely open all day (or at least…

Trading Business

5 Steps for Daily Improvement

  The following screen capture was sent out via social media a fortnight ago. I think it's so important that I want this to go out to everyone on the newsletter list as well. Plus an entry into the blog for future readers. It's a quick response to an exceptional question – what are five…