Managing Anxiety While In A Trade

  The following is a great question from YTC reader Aaron. I thought this would be worthy of entry into the blog and newsletter as it's a question which will be relevant to anyone who allows discretion in their trade management plan. And I'm really keen for anyone else to add their ideas and thoughts…

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One Trade Does Not Provide Enough Data

I think it's time we revisited a topic we discussed a few years back. The fact that an individual trade does not provide sufficient data to allow you to make informed changes to your plan. Changes MUST consider the impact across a series of trades. I see this problem repeatedly in email conversation with new…



A WARNING REGARDING SOCIAL MEDIA & MESSENGER SCAMS There is a growing problem on social media of scammers impersonating trading educators and firms and then contacting followers to attempt to scam you out of your money. Their accounts will usually be copied straight from the original (same profile photo and posts). So they look legitimate….


Today – Anything Can Happen

I sent out the following social media post last Saturday: All-time highs in the NASDAQ! Incredible when you consider where we were just two months prior. And of course when you consider the current state of the world. But that's the nature of markets. They don't care what we think. So I thought I should…