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I think the best way to introduce myself will be with a bit of Q&A:

Before we start though, it seems to be important in the world of trading to have a disclaimer. So please see the Disclaimer message ==> CLICK HERE

1. Who am I?

  • Lance Beggs
  • Age: 48
  • Living: In the tropical paradise of northern Queensland, Australia.
  • Occupation: Trader (full time), Trading Educator (part time)
  • Previous Career: Military Pilot, Aviation Safety Officer

2. What markets and timeframes do I trade?

  • At the moment my trading is primarily in the Emini NASDAQ futures (NQ) and to a lesser extent the Crude Oil futures (CL).
  • Timeframes are 30 & 5 min for higher timeframe context, 1 min for the trading timeframe, and a combination of 15 sec and 2-range for lower timeframe fine-tuning.
  • The method is a blend of both the YTC Price Action Trader and YTC Scalper.
  • My background covers multiple markets and timeframes, including stocks, equity options, CFDs, forex, FX futures and emini-futures.

3. How do I trade?

  • I am a technical, discretionary trader. I operate within a framework of higher timeframe support and resistance, aiming to identify and fade weakness within the market, in particular at areas of S/R or pullbacks within a trend.

4. What is the purpose of this website?

  • My intent is to provide quality trading education at with a focus on short timeframe discretionary price action analysis.
  • Taking you way beyond the usual “setups” that most educators try to pass off as price action analysis, I aim to take you to a deeper level of understanding as you learn to examine price from several new perspectives:
    • Analysis of the internal strength and weakness within price movement.
    • Analysis of trader decisions and the way that they drive orderflow.
    • Analysis of market traps and how they allow us to profit from the losses of the trapped traders.
    • Actually – See here for a whole lot more of “What makes YTC different to other trading educators!
  • Main website:
  • Strategy: YTC Price Action Trader

5. Am I currently taking on personal coaching clients?

  • Not at the moment. It’s just too time intensive to combine that with my trading, other business interests and family. I wouldn’t want to provide you with less than 100% commitment. So for the time being, I’ve decided to trial online coaching via this website & self-study training courses. (Yes, this is also time intensive, but I’m enjoying it & I can fit it in and around my other priorities).
  • My method of trading, if you’re interested, is available for self-study via the YTC Price Action Trader ebook series. If you wish to then adapt that to lower scalping timeframes, information can be found here: YTC Scalper  (please note: If you choose to learn through YTC… the material in YTC Price Action Trader is a prerequisite to the YTC Scalper).
  • If I do decide to take on coaching clients at some time in the future, it’ll be advertised via the newsletter. Go here to subscribe.

6. I know what many of you are thinking: “Ok, so if you’re really a trader then why aren’t you just trading? Why aren’t you sitting on the beach in the Bahama’s, sipping a Pina Colada, while trading from your laptop? You’re really just in this for the money, aren’t you.”

  • Yeah, right. I see this all the time in forums. Trading seems to be the only business in the world (that I know of) in which the public are totally sceptical of anyone who teaches, or shares their methods. Perhaps that is very much deserved, given all the rubbish and the hype that exists in the marketplace. It’s unfortunate though. The fact is that there is some real quality information out there amongst the rubbish. Hopefully I can help provide some quality. Not all trading educators are a fake. Yes, I’m sure many are – I know a few educators personally and seriously doubt some of them trade. However there are others who do trade.
  • So why do I do this? Firstly, I enjoy teaching. When I was involved with aviation safety, one of my primary roles was education. I enjoyed it. I also consulted for another company a couple of years ago teaching options trading. I enjoyed it. So, it’s quite natural now that I’m trading for myself that I’d want to also teach other people. Ok!!!!
  • And yes, it does make me money. Well, at least that’s the plan. I subscribe to the theory of multiple streams of income. I suggest you seriously research this topic as well. Trading should not be your only source of income. Build other income streams – both active and passive.


Happy trading,

Lance Beggs.