Lance Beggs

  • 55 years old living in North Queensland, Australia.
  • Married with two daughters.
  • Trading since 2000 (part-time) and 2010 (full-time)
  • Prior Careers: Computer Programmer, Military Pilot
    (S-70A-9 Black Hawk), Aviation Safety Officer

How I Trade

  • Style: Low-Timeframe, Discretionary Price Action Analysis based upon the YTC Price Action Trader strategy.
  • Preferred Markets: E-mini Futures (current preference NQ)
  • Preferred Timeframe: 1 minute chart
  • Prior to 2010: An exploration of multiple market types (Options, CFDs, Spot Forex) and timeframes (Weekly, Daily, 15m, 5m). All a necessary part of the journey to finding my niche in the markets.

More Information