A Useful Belief

You Can Do Better Your understanding of market structure and orderflow can be better than it currently is. Your pre-session routine can be done better than you’re currently doing it. Your trading state (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual) can be managed better than you’re currently doing it. Your assessment of bias can be done better than…


A Confidence Boosting Progress Check

We’ve talked for quite a few years about tracking your trading results in “groups of trades”. And using the stats from those groups to drive your growth and development. (If you need a larger copy of the original flowchart image, I believe this was the first article it appeared in.) It can be very tempting…


Followup to “Today – Anything Can Happen”

There was an article sent out four weeks ago (Today – Anything Can Happen) which discussed a simple mindset trick to help you separate your narrative about the world from your job of recognising and adapting to the actual market bias. While the “real world” suffers through the ongoing trauma of 2020… it can be…

Trading Process and Strategy

How I Use the Daily Chart

  The majority of my pre-session higher timeframe (HTF) analysis is conducted on the 30 and 5 minute charts. Exactly as outlined in the YTC Price Action Trader, in constructing an HTF support & resistance framework. Before this though, I always have a quick glance at the daily chart. Maybe 5-10 seconds at most. Daily…


Managing Anxiety While In A Trade

  The following is a great question from YTC reader Aaron. I thought this would be worthy of entry into the blog and newsletter as it's a question which will be relevant to anyone who allows discretion in their trade management plan. And I'm really keen for anyone else to add their ideas and thoughts…



A WARNING REGARDING SOCIAL MEDIA & MESSENGER SCAMS There is a growing problem on social media of scammers impersonating trading educators and firms and then contacting followers to attempt to scam you out of your money. Their accounts will usually be copied straight from the original (same profile photo and posts). So they look legitimate….


Today – Anything Can Happen

  I sent out the following social media post last Saturday: All-time highs in the NASDAQ! Incredible when you consider where we were just two months prior. And of course when you consider the current state of the world. But that's the nature of markets. They don't care what we think. So I thought I…