Trading Process and Strategy

Three Pushes into S/R

There is a reversal pattern within technical analysis called Three Pushes, or sometimes Three Drives. There are a number of variations which specify requirements for the distance that each push extends, or for the depth of each pullback. Personally I’m not too concerned with this. But do like to see the trend clearly weakening into…

Trading Process and Strategy

The Mindset Required For Re-Entry

Sometimes a slight change in perspective can make ALL the difference. The light bulb comes on. And what was once hidden is now blindingly obvious. It’s my hope that today’s article may well provide someone with one of these paradigm shifts, as it relates to the mindset required for trade re-entry. If you operate with…

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One of my Favourite Weekend Replay Options

I sent out the following social media post before the market opened on Thursday. The chart sequence was from the day before (Wednesday). But then Thursday happened. Wow! Volatility is well and truly back. So now Thursday shifts to the forefront of my plans for weekend replay. Both days if time… but otherwise Thursday is…

Trading Business

A Sign of Good Trading

I want to revisit the trades we discussed in last week’s article – Trading with Multiple Forward Projections. I really like this series of trades. Because there is a lesson in trader performance that I think is worth discussing. Something that I would suggest is a sign of good trading. “Wait? What?” I can hear…


The Good News About Bad Market Openings

I love market opens. The time of day that typically offers the greatest pace and potential for range expansion. But let’s be honest – sometimes they suck. I have a rule – two failed attempts at something and I consider standing aside. Three failed attempts and it’s compulsory. Today I’m standing aside after two attempts….

Trading Process and Strategy

Inside Continuation Entry

Last week’s article led to a simple question from a reader – “I’m not familiar with the Inside Continuation pattern. Do you have a post where it’s discussed?” No blog post, sorry. So let’s create one now. The prior article was this one: Project – Confirm – Trade And the reference to the term Inside…