Temporarily Offline

Effective today (31st March 2023) I’ve decided to take a few weeks (maybe months) break from regular posting. After being online 24/7 for what feels like forever (actually a decade and a half), it’s time for some much needed R&R. Best of luck with your trading, Lance.


A WARNING REGARDING SOCIAL MEDIA & MESSENGER SCAMS There is a growing problem on social media of scammers impersonating trading educators and firms and then contacting followers to attempt to scam you out of your money. Their accounts will usually be copied straight from the original (same profile photo and posts). So they look legitimate….

What Makes YourTradingCoach.com Different to Other Trading Educators

(1) My Focus is on the Metagame  Most price action traders are focused on the patterns that result from price movement, in the expectation (hope) that these patterns will lead to further price movement, just as the textbooks say they should. But what they're missing is the deeper level of understanding. I don't play this…