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I think the best way to introduce myself will be with a bit of Q&A:


Before we start though, it seems to be important in the world of trading to have a disclaimer. So please see my Disclaimer message ==> CLICK HERE



1. Who am I?

  • Lance Beggs

  • Age: 48

  • Living: In the tropical paradise of northern Queensland, Australia.

  • Occupation: Trader (full time), Trading Educator (part time)

  • Previous Career: Military Pilot, Aviation Safety Officer

  • I am the founder and chief contributor to https://www.YourTradingCoach.com


2. How do I trade?

  • I am a technical, discretionary trader. I operate within a framework of higher timeframe support and resistance, aiming to identify and fade weakness within the market, in particular at areas of S/R or pullbacks within a trend.

  • That is... the YTC Price Action Trader strategy... although currently implemented on even shorter timeframes (the YTC Scalper variant).


3. What markets and timeframes do I trade?

  • I trade the YTC Price Action Trader / YTC Scalper strategy in the fx futures (6E), e-mini futures (TF), and Hang Seng index futures (HSI) markets on 1-minute and 1-range / 20-tick charts.

  • My background covers multiple markets and timeframes, including stocks, equity options, CFDs, forex, FX futures and emini-futures.

  • The majority of my past YTC Price Action Trader experience has been with GBP/USD on the 5 minute timeframe (and it's equivalent fx futures market, 6B, using 3 minute charts). This is the timeframe used for demonstration of the YTC Price Action Trader strategy within the ebook series.

  • My reason for changing to the shorter YTC Scalper timeframes, is simply as it allows me to trade in only 1-2 hours per day, providing time to operate the YTC website and newsletter.

  • The YTC Price Action Trader strategy is applicable to any market and any timeframe, provided it offers sufficient liquidity and sufficient profit potential per price swing to overcome the costs. YTC Scalper is recommended for fx futures and e-mini futures only.

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