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Hello, Lance


I am basing my trading method on price action analysis, and I have found your PAT course to be very clarifying and exceptionally useful. Many thanks for taking the time and effort to produce an outstanding product, and for offering it at such a reasonable price.


If I ever travel Down Under, I will look you up and buy you a Foster's (or libation of your choice)!





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Hello Lance


I want to say a big thank you for sharing your skills on How To LISTEN To The Market. We often tend to miss the forest for the trees and hence land-up in lost opportunities while trading the market with the help of those well-known indicators. Your 6 points checklist is awesome and helps identify the best "Low risk High probability" trades and that too without using a single technical indicator. Now that is something every trader dreams to achieve but losses precious years in the process. Your book is highly recommended and it beats any trading material on the net hands-down.


The other day, I came across this catch line of Luftansa Airlines, which is apt to their business.... the catch line goes "There is no better way to Fly".... The catch line of YTC is 'Because You'd Rather Be Trading For A Living...' . The concepts explained in YTC e-book has been an eye-opener & I can sincerely say 'Because there is no better way to Trade'. I m confident that very soon I will be "Trading for a Living" rather than "Trading" & then "Leaving".


... Lawrence.


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Dear Lance,


I would like to thank you very much for your teachings. I have finished only the Volume 3 yesterday but can tell you that in my eyes you outperformed very much not only (educators name removed) but also (educators name removed) and (educators name removed). And your materials are so professional that I have never seen better. And fortunately I could also afford to buy them as your price is also great.


Thank you very much, you were right, I already see the markets by different eyes.


...Pavel, Czech Republic.


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"I just bought your Price Action Trader course and am very impressed by the way you analyze and trade the market as well as the depth you go into to teach. I firmly believe this is THE LAST course I will ever need to learn and improve my trading skills. I do recommend the course to all traders who wish to seriously learn how to read and trade the market."


... Dennis M


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Hi Lance,


I am just reading through YTC Price Action Trader and I like the approach - it all makes sense to me.


Even before I went through the whole thing I think its probably the best book on trading I have - and I have many.


... Zoran D.


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Hi Lance,


I purchased your course probably one year ago and found it to be an extremely well written and thorough course. However, due to my own personal issues, I never really applied the price action strategies to my trading plan; my fault, not having anything to do with your course.


After experiencing up and down trading results, I went back and spent quality time studying YTC Price Action Strategy again. This time I had more chart time behind me and more time studying the way price reacts.


Wow! What a difference.


I have a clearer and more thorough understanding on the market after having spent time with the charts and then applying your teachings to price movement.


I even forwarded your free videos on setting stops to a moderator of a trading room who was having trouble in her trading with stops. In any case, I have now copied the sheets with the summary of the strategy. I intend to put this onto cards that I will keep next to my work station.


Thanks for all of the efforts that you put forth, both free and through your blog, towards helping traders around the world achieve better results!


...Glenn M


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After spending thousands on lagging indicators and courses that 'works until it doesn't work', I finally realized that the answer was to ascertain what was actually happening in the market. I began studying the behaviour of price.


The YTC Price Action e-book saved me the trouble of discovering the mechanics of the market myself. It is very clear and easy to understand, and has greatly improved my trading.


The 'Holy Grail' is you, not a magic system or indicator. Invest your time in watching the charts and use the YTC as a guide to understanding why price moves.


...Calvin R


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I never buy anything to do with trading on principle, except books and a trading platform, so although I'd read Lance's material on his website, I never figured on buying the YTC PAT course.


But then I had a chance to read a colleague's copy.


After reading it - twice - there was no way that I could look myself in the mirror and not pay Lance for that book, even though I didn't know him obviously.


I could describe why and make this testimonial 100 times longer, but I'm sure that I don't need to.


The only drawback with YTC PAT is that I can't add it to my list of best trading books on Amazon.


... Adam H


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Thanks for writing YTC Price Action Trader ebook.


I bought your ebook in October 2010. I read the book over and over many times.


It is easy to read and understand. It is also well written.


Thank you. I have learnt so much from you.


... Sharon Q.


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Hi Lance,


I bought your YTC Price Action Trader and have read it twice through. This book is very detailed and informative and I would highly recommend it to any serious trader. Thanks for your time and effort to put this together!


... Caren C.


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Hi Lance,


I have bought YTC Price Action.


It is condensation of materials covering all areas of trading from Strategy, trade entry, trade management and Psychology.


I refer to it once every month so I can drill the concepts into my subconscious.


Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience so beautifully.


...Sam S


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Hi Lance,


I purchased the YTC PAT when it first came out. I had been following your trading site for a couple years and had grown a level of respect for your integrity and figured anything you put out was worthy of my money. I say with some regret that I set the course aside for months and have now recently dove in (Work, family and many things got in the way of me focusing on my trading).


I really have enjoyed the information immensely and some of it is starting to sink in.


I'm on my second read through and feel like the course has been more informative than all my previous study combined.


Thank you for your excellent work.


I would also like to add your blog is something I check daily.


Happy Holidays,


...Russ L.


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I had been a student of Price Action for about two years when Lance unveiled his plans to release the YTC PAT eBook.


I had high expectations for the book and it did not disappoint.


I have seen an enormous number of sources of trading “education,” but not one of them brings so many of the most important fundamental concepts together as YTC PAT does.


This is absolute fundamental and must-read material for anyone who wishes to understand price action and what the bars on the chart really mean.




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Hi Lance,


Just wanted to thank you for your course.


The YTC PAT is very clear in explaining how to determine the future price direction, and with the addition of the bonus video, you have made it super clear.


Oh and by the way, the session review was totally awesome as well. That's exactly what I'm hoping to get from you in the future. Anyways, I love anything you have to offer.


Just so you know, ever since YTC PAT course, I cannot stop reading and re-reading the volumes. Any spare time I have, I jump on Ninja simulator and practice utilizing your entire methodology.


I am making rapid progress and think it's because I am putting in so much time and effort with your course.


It's getting to the point where that is all I think about, even in the restroom, or at my job while working, and even while working out at the gym. Needless to say, I am soooooooo passionate about your course that it is literally all I think about and want to practice.


Anyways, sorry if I'm rambling on, but it's just stems from my excitement.


Take care Lance


... Bijan M.


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Hi Lance


I have a copy of your excellent book YTC Price Action Trader:


I wish more people could read this indispensable book, as it just “makes sense”!


… and anything that is logical and “makes sense” is easy to understand and put into routine practice.


Keep up the great coaching!


...Mark B


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Have been trading for upwards of 8 years now and didn't think I'd get much from either of your courses.


Ooops ... BIG mistake. In the past I have tried short term trading and given up after average results. Now, well what a difference YTC Scalper makes.


As for YTC - you have managed to condense what it has taken me years to "get" and then still managed to miss pieces, YTC has helped fill the gaps, at the same time you managed to put it into simple and easily understood language. I particularly liked your "Plato" example.


Congratulations and thank you.




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Lance Beggs website (YourTradingCoach) has served as my foundation for learning about reality-based trading.


I've used his articles, books, and resources page as compass for educating myself on my journey toward becoming a trader.


I consider myself lucky to have found it. Nothing but gratitude for his generosity in pointing me in the right direction toward finding the style that fits me.




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I'm not big on testimonials, but I will say this about Price Action Trader....It has turned my trading around.


I have only been trading for a year and prior to the Price Action Trader, I was relying mostly on technical indicators such as those found in other courses like (name removed). I was beating the odds though, in that I was not losing money. I wasn't making any, but I wasn't losing. On the other hand, I was investing a lot of time and that time wasn't paying off, so in that respect I guess I was losing.


For me, the piece that was missing was understanding Price Action. Once I took the course everything changed and after a short simulation trading period (one month) I applied this new methodology to live trading and it paid off right away. It's been three months now and the results are very good. On any given day I make more money than the price of the course so clearly it was money well spent.


So today my trading style combines Price Action, some technical (mostly S/R) and of course the news. The markets are so influenced by the news now, I find it helps to observe sentiment created by the news to help confirm what Price Action is telling me. When those two elements line up with S/R, the odds of a successful trade become very high.


On a side note, after taking other courses, I had my charts full of technical indicators, but after taking the Price Action Trader course the only indicator I use now is EMA. Occasionally I like to look at RS but that is more for swing trades than day trades.


And I love the weekly news letter.


... Daniel D


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What I love about the YTC course is the rigorous and detailed training outline.


That did wonders for my confidence and my ability to really see what was happening and make a plan.


Good Trading,




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Hi Lance,


I have read tons of material on trading and your ebook is the best I've come across on price action.


Great job Lance!


Thank you for taking the time to share your trading wisdom and helping me to become a better trader.




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This is a master trader that has complete conscious recognition of what he does and as such is able to methodically break it down.


The value for your money is astounding! The information is holistic and delivered perfectly.


Lance doesn't pull any punches - but if your going to step into the ring you need this coach in your corner.


...Richard S.


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