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Hi Lance,


Congratulations on producing the best book I have ever read on trading...the amazing YTC Price Action Trader.


I can't believe the detail within this publication!


Like most traders I have spent thousands of dollars on courses & all I ever needed was YTC, pity it wasn't around then.


Then again, its probably because of the path I've trodden over these years that makes me appreciate YTC even more...as they say - no pain, no gain.


Brilliant work. Thanks.





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I have bought, read, and use as my Trading Bible your YTC.


It is an excellent education in learning the technical side of trading and essential for any day and/or swing trader.


It is easy to read and explains the various aspects concisely and clearly.


Of all the various training courses / lessons / webinars out there, I have found this to be far and away the BEST.


...Don W


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Thank you very much for putting together this ebook. I have spent thousands of dollars on courses including spending a week in class for live training.


What you have in this ebook is worth many times more.


I have learned more about supply and demand, more about specific setups, more about preparing, more about.... you name it you have done a great job in putting together YTC PAT.


Anyone who is looking to learn trading MUST read this ebook, it will save both time and money.


I think the most valuable portion for me was how it lays out writing a plan, creating procedures and a step by step action plan on how to develop. Thank you again.




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This is one of the best trading education manuals that I have seen. Clearly structured, fascinating to read and easy to understand.


The trading procedures are well described and repeated for better understanding, with lots of examples.


Trading is hard work (No pain, no gain). Only with discipline you can make it, but PAT course helps you in your daily trading routine.




... Lars H


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Good Afternoon Lance,


I bought the YTC Price Action Trader 3 months ago and have never come across anyone who writes the way you do. For the first time ever I am looking at each candle, following exactly the steps you have laid out all because the way you have laid the course out, you make us practice, practice and practice focusing on the methodical steps repeating the same terminology.


I am a single mum who is in her 50s - I am just about to embark on Volume 4 and have a plan to complete PAT by December 31st, before I then start all over again and repeat it.


Your style of teaching via the website and newsletters is never condescending or know it all and it is much appreciated. Not very good with words but it has been a blessing and I am really hoping I can make a success of trading and providing an income for my family.


With sincere thanks.


...Ms Hashmita M


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Lance, you've done a great job with the Price Action Trader.


This is the first course I've bought that gives you an accurate reality of what to expect out of your trading career.


Most others offer false hope and a trading "system" that just doesn't hold up over time.


Yours is very thorough and not only gives you a great trading methodology, but also describes all aspects of your trading business. Well done!





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YTC Price Action Trader has finally allowed me to escape the seemingly endless search for that set of indicators and settings that was going to transform my trading.


The explanations written make such perfect sense, and whilst other commitments have so far hindered the amount of time I have to practice what I have learned, I feel confident now that I will be successful as a trader in the future if I follow what you have written.


... Tom C


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Just when you thought you have read everything and confused yourself, Lance produces a comprehensive view with his bar by bar concise look at the market which exceeded my expectations.


Thanks for putting together a great manual.


Your view on the psychology of the market is fantastic and so is your customer support.


Thanks again


..Ray C


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Hi Lance, we haven't had the opportunity to speak directly, but thought I'd provide some comments on YTC Price Action Trader.


Although I've been trading for a few years, the PAT content and more importantly its structured approach to trading, have brought an extra level of clarity to my analysis of the markets.


A fantastic piece of material which deserves a recommendation.


Many thanks for the hours of work which have obviously gone into PAT, and also for the regular newsletter, which continues to provoke further thought on a broad range of trading scenarios.


Great work.




Mike R


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I am a new student having purchased the course just a few weeks ago.


As you may recall my purchase was prompted by an article in an issue of your newsletter about where the trapped traders were and your subsequent very detailed email response. First I really appreciated your response and recommendations. Knowing you would be there to answer questions was an important factor for me.


As I’m sure many others have, I started this quest years ago studying part time most of the approaches that made sense to me and reviewing to some extent nearly all. Having said that you still bring yet another new way of viewing the markets that was fresh and most helpful for me. A lens though which I had not viewed price action before. That of the trapped trader vs. being one who helps spring the trap. Victim vs. predator as it were. That alone was worth the course tuition.


That however only scratched the surface. As it turns out I couldn’t be more pleased with the content and approach to the course. You have sifted through so much material and many approaches and condensed that down to a clear useable format. It doesn’t overwhelm you with too much information to process at a potential trade setup area.


For me, you have taken almost all the material that I believed to be relevant to analyzing the markets and put that into a clear concise practical approach. No smoke and mirrors and no fluff. Additionally your very common sense, step by step approach to looking at market structure, trend, sentiment and visualizing future price action first and then locating stops and targets before finally analyzing possible entry locations gives one a structure for decision making which really has helped me. I of course, like most I’m sure, focused on entry first and stops and targets second.


I could go on Lance but I’m still not all the way through the material yet. So back to the books. Thanks Lance. You give me clarity and a new way of seeing the markets.


Merry Christmas,


Sherwood R


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The education I've received from Lance via YTC PAT has been top class.


The material is comprehensive, relevant to all markets, and excellent value. I find myself referring back to it all the time.


If I've needed anything clarified, it's always been promptly and generously followed up.


There are no short cuts but YTC PAT is basically a roadmap to profitable trading.




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I wasted a lot of time trying to find quality information (from books and the internet) on how to trade. My experience is that almost all of the books, websites and courses on trading, whether paid services or free stuff, are junk, or just not to the point.


However, when I was studying your course, I was thrilled how complete it is, how many perfect examples are included, and how didactically are covered all the concepts of trading related tasks and activities.


Almost at once, everything fell into its place, and the whole concept of trading started to make sense.


Even more importantly, when I read that I had to start to develop my own book, which is supposed to be the Greatest Trading Book – Ever!, I knew that this course is for me as it does not want to sell anything to me, rather, it wants to help me become a trader.


I tried to do and practice everything on my own in my life as I believe this is the only effective way of learning, so when I learnt that self-teaching is the most important concept of the course, I knew it was a quality course. I am on the right track to become a successful trader.


... Zoltan S


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Hi Lance,


I want to thank you for putting together such a useful trading course.


My short term trading has improved greatly because of your explanation of support and resistance.


I have thrown away most other indicators after studying support and resistance.


...John O


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Hi Lance,


Having listened to your candlestick videos on YouTube, I asked my wife this time last year - YTC Price Action Trader wasn't long out as I recall - would she be good enough to buy it for me for Christmas. Being the extra special woman she is, YTC PAT is what she gave me as a present for the big day - not just the download but ALL the chapters etc etc printed out and put in a BIG binder -she nearly went to as much time and effort as you Lance in printing alone !!


If memory serves me right not long after, probably around the start of 2011 there were serious storms in your part of the world. My wife was so concerned for you she decided to see what all this trading lark was about. She studied PAT for the next 3 months from start to finish - so much for MY Christmas present.


It was a brilliant insight for her, she understands, AT LAST, why I'd 'Rather Be Trading For A Living' and totally gets it but has concluded trading is not for her - 3 children take up enough time and attention. She even attended a local trading room every day for 2 months and went through their education programme. Even at GBP 2,000, yes 2,000 - not a typo, their quality of information and insight was severely lacking - you had obviously spoilt her !!


Well I still work full time but eagerly await your emails each week - even just for the life encouragement they give.


I started demo trading in November and will be studying PAT from January on, under the expert supervision that only a wife can give.


So here's to an excellent family Christmas and a New Year of sensible trading.


Best regards Lance to you, your family and all PAT's out there.



Northern Ireland - United Kingdom


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Hi Lance,


YTC Price Action Trader is hands down the best trading book or course I've read for understanding and analyzing the market. The analytical framework you provided for market analysis was particularly useful, giving me more confidence and helping to eliminate much of the confusion and anxiety I often experienced when monitoring the market.


I also like the fact that you don't BS the reader at all. You talk openly about the realities of the trading business and what it takes to succeed.


Very well written, with great detail and insight. Well done!




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"... amazing work, very detailed and explained with great patience and professional approach"


...Krasimir B.


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"Purchased YTC Price Action volume set several months ago.


Am finding it THE most inclusive knowledge source of how to trade that I’ve ever seen.


You worked VERY hard putting it together! "


... Jim J


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Hi Lance


Some feedback for YTC Price Action Trader.


I'll keep this short and sweet mate.


The best trading manual I've read.


I'll be buying your scalping book soon.



Joe O.


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Hi Lance,


I just want you to know how much I appreciate the knowledge you shared on your website and I also bought a copy of your YTC Price Action Trader ebooks.


I have come across many "Get rich quick" type of trading courses and systems without the need to understand the underlying price actions and fundamentals. That can't be right. Trading isn't mechanical and a large part I believe is subjective and instinct driven and I don't believe one can be called a professional trader without true understanding of price action.


And finally I came across your work which completely is inline with what I would expect out of a proper training course for traders.


Its a bible to me now and I read it everyday sometime even going a couple of times again just to make sure I have not missed out any essence of it.


Once again, thanks for this.




Roy L


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