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I would again like to say that this material is the best material about trading I have ever read. I love it from beginning to the end!


I very much like the foundation (how markets work). This is essential, since everyone has to understand these core market principles, instead of blindly following some indicators.


I used to follow a mechanical system – unless you do not understand its strengths/weaknesses, you are like a member of a sect. You just follow the setups and do not make idea of what is really happening in the market. This is stupid! I used to be a member in such an online trading club. I still remember one of the statements that moderators kept repeating: “Just follow the damn patterns.” Ahhh, I hated it back then, and I hate it now. I am disgusted when something is “secret”, “black-box”, or “proprietary indicator” and I am told to “just follow the damn patterns” and act like a machine. This is not trading! Where is the passion, where is the reasoning...after all, where is the positive feeling (the flow) of being able to read the market, to interpret it!!! One core thing that I realized after moving from mechanical to discretionary trading is the FREEDOM. The freedom of being yourself. The freedom of not putting the market in a “black-box”, but instead of letting it show you what it is going to do! This is trading!


I know that YTC-PAT is the foundation, and much more work is ahead, but I just love it. I am very keen on developing in the way you are doing it. I think, I am finding my niche.


... KB


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I purchased your PAT course last year. My first impression was how thorough and complete the material was.


Psychology, learning theory, set ups, chart examples, goals, motivation, all there and more.


Unlike other vendors who make promises of easy money to sell their product, you tell it like it is-trading is a skill that requires practice & hard work .


Fortunately, your material shortens the learning curve.


Thank you and good trading to you!


... Jeff S


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Thanks for taking the time to provide the education on the markets, I just finished your YTC course and it was a radical change in thinking for me. I have been investing for 25 years since I was a teenager and have had marginal success, many gains and many losses in equities not understanding the true nature of the game.


I would like to thank you for sharing your understanding, it is rare to find a person who is not selling something worthless or attempting to scam a trader out of his money.


... Mark C


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I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you that your books have been the best trading books I have read so far (and I have read a lot in my 2 years of active learning and trading).


What I have been trying to find, unsuccessfully, is a book that brings together everything and provides me with a STRUCTURE and a detailed plan of what to do, and not simply teaches me technical analysis or price action. I have been trading without a clear set of procedures and as a result always ended up losing money. I did not have a clear manual of what I do in a specific situation (I did have a trading plan but it did not cover all the situations that can happen, like loss of connectivity or recovery after a significant loss). I was even thinking of writing procedures down myself but didn’t have enough creativity.


I have read (name removed... popular author) price action books and have been overwhelmed by the amount of detail he provides, yet lack of concrete steps of how to implement what he teaches.


Your 5 strategies are simple to follow and yet they are described in enough detail.


Again, thank you for the great material. I am surprised your books are not more popular on trading websites/forums. Your name is known but not well-known, which is a pity for all beginners-traders and struggling trades who lack a clear pathway.


My husband, also a trader, does not like to read trading books (in fact, he hates trading books). I persuaded him to give your books a try. He read your books and said that it’s a brilliant piece of work. He finally understands the underlying forces that move the price, whereas before he was mainly focusing on bar movement.


I will be putting positive reviews on all trading forums where I am a member. Again, thanks and please continue with your blog (pdf’ing it was a great idea as well)! Please feel free to post my review if you wish.




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"You are truly a class act and I would recommend your ebooks to anyone, both for the content as well as the support you have given."


... Matt S.


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Hi Lance,


It's been 2 years since I first purchased your course on its launch and I thought I'd take this opportunity to update you on my progress.


Due to my full-time job until recently I've been trading US stocks on weekly timeframe for obvious reasons with good results.


Anywhoo I've now moved to full time trading mainly focusing on ES (Emini S&P) which trades at 9.30pm here in my timezone, which gives me plenty of time to groove my golf swing and spend quality time with my daughter.


I want you to know how grateful I am for your unselfish contribution to the trading community. God bless, and if you're ever in the country be sure to hook up for a drink and a game of golf. I'll re-phrase that - a game of golf followed by a few drinks. Wink!


Best Regards,




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Hi Lance,


First of all I bought your YTC PA Trader when it first came out. I don't think I was ready to take it on at the time, so for a while it gathered some dust while I was trying to take the easy way out........I'm sure you can figure out the corresponding results.


When I finally was ready to really dig into it
I was really impressed with it. I am currently working to apply what I have learned. The parts I need the most work on are of course the focus, recording in the log and reviewing. I realize those are the most "boring", but also the most beneficial to my development as a trader.


I am happy to report that I am making great progress, thank you so much.


So a million thanks from the bottom of my heart. You have really made me see the light.


I still have a ways to go to be as disciplined as I want to be, but since I started applying your methods I am now in my third positive week, and improving everyday.


Take care,

Anders B


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Lance, I have honestly written very few testimonials and only when greatly deserved as is this one;


With my retirement approaching I began researching and studying Trading, hundreds of books, VHS tapes, DVDs, and several $1,000.00+ seminars. For a full ten years I have been on a quest to fully understand trading and knew I had not found what I was looking for and honestly not sure what it was, very close but no cigar feeling. I just never felt I fully understood the “WHY”.


So my search continued until I found the YTC website. I watched your videos and began reading your articles. That was when I ordered your YTC Price Action Trader Course, By the time I was 40 pages into Volume 3 I knew I no longer need to search and in fact I no longer need more than your one site for future reference. No one begins to supply the complete Trader education you do. If there is more to learn or understand now I know from what you have demonstrated that you are the only one I can have any hope might be able to explain it on a level of detail that will satisfy me.


I know that learning never stops but in my honest opinion you have provided everything needed with the exception of the time to fully understand and absorb all you have provided. I am discarding or deleting all the other material I have amassed and eliminating links to all other websites, it is all confusing clutter like the indicators I used before I found support and resistance price action chart reading.


Many have promised to teach me how to catch fish; a few have actually done that much but only your approach has made it crystal clear “WHY” the fish bite when and where they do. I hope you can appreciate my relief now that I can stop hunting for that elusive unknown something that could help me feel I understand the “WHY” of Trading.


I finally feel I have the “WHY” level of understanding of Trading.


There is no adequate way of saying thank you,


Clif A.




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Hi Lance,


I just wanted to say a quick thanks for all the work you've put into the site and the YTC courses.


I bought both almost a year or so ago, and they've easily been the best money I've spent on anything trading-related.


I've gone through the regular course twice now, and I have no doubt I'm going to be going through several of the sections numerous times in the future!


Thanks again!


Dan M.


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Hi Lance,


Just wanted to let you know I purchased your YTC trader yesterday and just finished reading chapter 2. Its a real eye opener.


I've been trying to implement price action into my trading because like many others I paid mighty high tuition trying to solve the market puzzle using indicators which I came to realize just don't work. I came to realize all you needed to know about where the market is likely to go is looking at a bare bones chart but how could this be done?


I knew that supply and demand were the ultimate reason as to why markets moved but couldn't understand how or where to find these imbalances.


Whether I won or lost I didn't know why? I just accepted that my losses were part of the game and as long as my account grew I was on the right track but deep down there was something missing.


Well you have opened my eyes to the truth.


Your systematic approach of following the price action has opened up a world of possibilities I never perceived.


I was trading in the shadows and want to thank you for opening up my eyes to the reality of the market.


I'm really looking forward to apply this new market reality to my trading and want to tell you that the course, in my opinion, is worth more than you offer it for.


I always knew there was a way the professionals size up the market but could never quite figure it out.


Thank you for this gift.


Duane T.


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Hi Lance,


I have finished reading the ebook vols and have thoroughly enjoyed every word.


I have previously spent money on another course run by (** name removed **) however I can honestly say your ebook series is the entire package that every new trader should read.


I was previously trapped with a focus on patterns and candles without a true understanding of the context of the market.


Your course explains it all and although I know I will not be making big dollars straight away, I now feel I have a strong foundation to move forward with. I have stopped looking at the market from a mechanical mathematical non emotional beast based on formulas. There is no holy grail system.


Thank you for your amazing teachings. I have already started re reading the ebooks.


God bless and kind regards,


Clint W.


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Hi Lance,


Greetings. I am very grateful to you for all the paid and free materials you have made available for new and experienced traders.


I am into volume 3 of YTC Price Action Trader and it has given me much insight into price action and psychology of traders.


I am a new trader (still have to make my first real trade) so I know I have ways to go in educating myself and learning from real life trading experience. I am glad that I discovered you accidentally through your videos on YouTube. I took a leap of faith and bought your materials based on your excellent candlestick videos and I am not disappointed a bit.


Knowing what I know now, I would have gladly paid a higher price for YTC PAT.


... Samir V.


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Hi Lance,


Just wanted to let you know how awesome your training material is! I purchased your course a few months ago and haven't had the chance to really study it until now. You're a real gem when it comes to trading education my friend.


I'm one of those people you talk about in your 12 Elements video. I've wasted a LOT of time on BS trading "education" and wish I had found your course a long time ago. I'm a professional pilot like you and see a lot of similarities in the way you present your material and all the training I've received in professional aviation for the last 30 years.


Thanks for taking the time to share your insight and produce such a great trading course.


Rick A.


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Hey Lance,


I've been spending time reading through your course and I must say that you have put down in words very aptly the essence of price action trading that I have not come across so far. So great effort on your part.


It has provided me with a greater insight into what I should focus on before I take on a particular price action pattern.


I'm sure it will have me on my journey to build consistency in my trading.


So, thanks once again.





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Hello Lance:


First of all I really want to THANK YOU for the great material you have been sharing. It's been a while already since I bought your YTC PAT and the Scalper.


After having made a significant investment in different trading courses over the years I can tell you that yours is definitively the BEST that I have come across, your course is extremely complete and easy to understand and apply.


Your explanations on Price Action are simply the BEST!! THANKS SO MUCH!


Be well,


Ernesto W.


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Thank you so much for the practical approach.


Your YTC Price Action Trader makes so much sense.


Finally, something I can put to use.


Thank You for that.


... Joe M.


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