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Hi Lance,


Just wanted to let you know I'm enjoying good success these days, in no small part due to your course.


So far in October I've had 13/15 winning days for an overall gain of 6.5% with drawdown of about 1.5%.


This has included various timeframes from M1 up to D1, and I now feel confident that I can find low-risk, high-probability trades in most market conditions.


Even more importantly, I'm avoiding most of the impulsive mistakes I used to make, which is a good feeling.


My next challenge is to gradually increase my risk without losing my cool!


So, thanks for all your good work and advice, it's much appreciated.


Best wishes,


Tom K.


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I wanted to thank you for the work you do.


I've been a long time (**name removed**) customer, which is great material. But to date I haven't felt comfortable making buy & sell decisions from charts, much as I like using them.


Now I understand why.


Since I found your material, you are helping me to gain the confidence to pull the trigger based on what's happening "behind" the chart.


It is the missing piece for me. Can't thank you enough.


... Dave S.


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"I've purchased both your YTC PAT and YTC Scalper courses. Thanks very much for offering them - they are just top quality.


I spent quite a lot of money to attend various courses and personal coaching.


I'd say for both price and quality, your courses beat all of them!"


... Jason J


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Dear Lance,


Just a note to thank you for your price action course.


The method of reading and understanding price action that you teach is unique and has given me a much better understanding of how markets work.


I read widely, and deeply and yet have to come across a trading course that covers all the important aspects of trading so systematically, and thoroughly.


Thanks again for a great course.






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I just wanted to say thank you so much for your Price Action Trader e-book.


I think this is my third time through it now and it has been a game changer for me and my trading.


My winning stats have drastically improved since reading PAT and doing my best to integrate your system into my trading on the stock market.


At first I didn't know if the strategy would be as applicable since you are trading a different market, but as long as there is liquidity, the same rules seem to apply, just as you stated.


I have been able to really take advantage of stocks that are already on the move, up, down, or sideways, and use your system to trade accordingly.


Anyway, sorry for the long message. I just wanted to say thank you so much and I look forward to continue to learn from your awesome blog, great articles and videos.




Aaron G.


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Dear Lance,


I just finished the 6 volumes course.


I really enjoyed it and I must say it's very unique the way you explain, it's just much better than many others!


Thanks for the great job you've done.


Thanks and best regards,




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Thanks for all your help and guidance over the past. wow, almost 5 years. Your weekly insights and of course your Ebook (Read the first three sections more times than I can count) have been instrumental in my development as a trader.


You Lance are, the "Real Deal" and I would highly recommend YTC for anyone who aspires to be a trader.


Mike K


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Let me first say that regardless of the different directions I find myself taking I always eventually return to your basic PAT process. I find it superb in both its simplicity and completeness, and you can quote me on that.


Rich B.


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Hi Lance,


I just wanted to drop you a line and say thanks for being there for us other traders.


I’ve been trading for about 5 years but spent the first three years mostly in drawdown. This was mainly due to the fact that I approached the markets incorrectly. I used to consider things like a moving average crossover crucial and placed no focus on price action analysis. Only after coming across your site did I start to reconsider my methods.


Now a few years later, I’m trading with a positive expectancy. I love trading and keep on working hard, striving to become a better trader each day.


Thanks very much again Lance!




Tomas K.


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A brief story about my trading journey…


I have started about a year ago... I have been in the dark and running in circles for a while… I guess that I might see a tiny light at the end of the tunnel :)


...few months ago, I have discovered YTC PAT... at that time I was trading spot Forex with poor results (around 43-45% accuracy)…now my stats shows +70%...


Your YTC PAT is one of the best course that I’ve seen so far…I am very happy that I took it!


Catalin B.


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Hi Lance,


I've had a lot on my plate. Lately to the point where I just read last week's newsletter and I should be getting your next one tonight or tomorrow morning. I've promised to make a comment about the PAT and here it is.


Your weekly newsletters and the videos on your site are so good, no make that superb, that some might be tempted to think that there is no added value in purchasing the PAT. Nothing could be further from the truth though.


Case in point is the article on Advanced Trade Management. I know I've seen it before, but now that I'm re-reading the PAT, it's 10 times better - the message is clear and understandable as is the PAT, but the clarity in the writing and diagrams goes beyond excellent.


And the same with PAT, which gives even more in the delivered insights into why price action happens the way it does. It's almost as though you can see the movement of a blanket (if you will) that is price action. BUT, to continue the analogy, the PAT allows a peek under the covers so that you can see the toes wiggle, etc, that creates the 'wave' on the blanket's surface.


Thanks Lance, and keep it up. You are a highlight in my week.


All the best,

Dean W.…


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Hi Lance,


I purchased your program a while ago and at the time I wrote to tell you how impressed I was with the content.


Now, after reading more and working with the information and learning from it, I needed to write to you again and let you know that this is the best price action analysis I have ever read.


I have read books by (**name removed**) and (**name removed**) and I purchased the video program from (**name removed**) as well. I have learned a lot from these two, but nothing compares to what I am learning from you.


Your ability to explain your method of analysis in a manner that makes it easy to understand is outstanding.


The fact that you explain how the various bars translate into the traders' thought process, makes it so much easier to understand and retain and be able to apply it to my chart analysis. Other methods often become a matter of memorizing multi-bar or single bar patterns and their meaning as opposed to understanding what thought process lies behind that price action.


In addition to reading the material I purchased from you, I also subscribe to your site and get a ton of helpful information from your emails and tweets. I was wondering if you ever do speaking engagements. If so, I'd love to attend one if possible. All the best to you Lance. I am recommending your material to every trader I know.


June G. 


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I daytrade NASDAQ and NYSE stocks (typical tickers are FB, XOM, C, JPM, and anything else is in that price range and liquid enough), profitably thanks entirely to your website and YTC book.


You did NOT give me a "cookie-cutter recipe" to operate, which does not exist of course, but rather you directed my attention to what actually matters, and you gave me a framework I could use for my own learning process.


I am forever grateful for this, and of course I respect your expertise immensely.


... Michael M.


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First I want to thank you for writing such a great book, its by far the best I have read (and I have read quite a few).


What I like the most about the book is the way that it's structured, from a process point of view.


I like the fact that you teach the whole process, from the pre-market session process (Initial Market Analysis) to the During Session Process (Ongoing Market Analysis), and you teach it Step by Step, what I had never seen in any book or course that I had attended to.


... Nelson P.


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Hello Lance,


First of all I want to tell you how very impressed I am with your e-book. You have done a wonderful job with great detail in your explanations and charting.


This is a phrase I bet you have heard many times before, "I have spent thousands of dollars on trading courses and I have yet to come across one that explains and gives detailed instructions as you do". New traders like myself are looking for help and no one I have come across yet has spent the time with detailed instructions as you do with your course. You are giving traders excellent education at a very very very reasonable price! You are doing a wonderful thing and I hope for all us new traders you continue with your teaching and coaching, because you are making a difference. Take care and I look forward to the rest of your book and working with you in the future.


... Eldon P.


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Just wanted to thank you once again for your amazing YTC course that I am actively studying for the past month.


The information you are sharing there is invaluable. I am not new to the markets, and most of what you write is not totally unexpected to me. However, where you really succeed (and I've been failing for years) is putting all this amazing information into a system.


For years I've been trading naked charts, but I always thought that this type of trading is purely done by "feeling" the market and price action. I tried to put it into a system, but I could never quite explain why and how I open the trades.


However, now you are really helping me to think systematically. Some of your concepts are really adding value to my own trading system, but the greatest help is that with your book I am finally having success systematizing my own approach.


... A.S.



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Lance just a quick note to say that I was pretty happy with my methods and profit consistency before but your material is actually fantastic you've opened my eyes to significant but simple price action "attitude adjustments" which have made a real difference. I've read and re read several times and I'm now using the pieces that suit me with real success.


Well written, well delivered. Well done!!




Matthew S 


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Hi Lance, hope you are well and trading profitably!


I've just completed my second read of the YTC ebooks as someone who has been aspiring to trade on and off for several years.


I've read several books over the years and completed many technical analysis courses.


I think your books are the most comprehensive, easy to read and most useful that I have read to date. I particularly value the parts that cover the disciplined approach, self evaluation and ability to recognise changes in momentum which are all explained so well.


I thank you for sharing your knowledge so generously in your books and also for the weekly newsletter. I've always known that I'd rather be a trader and I hope your teachings will enable me to address my trading weaknesses that I have not been able to overcome previously.


Thanks again


Simon M


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