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Hi Lance


I have been training on and off for full time trading since around 2005, having taken several expensive courses and spent much time and money on various systems and training modules.


This week I have commenced live trading, solely from studying and implementing your Price Action Trader. I admire and thank you for the commitment you give to your students training and development, and credit my recent progress to your commitment. I am very grateful and appreciative.


Thank you.






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I bought your book a couple of months ago. I really enjoyed reading it.


I became interested in trading almost a year and a half ago. I started to read some blog about trading, I bought a couple a courses in Spanish. But nobody told me the truth of this game.


When I began to read your book I realized that I was on the right path. Your book is just different than the others I read.


I'm motivated now with all the work I have to do to learn more about trading. I'm really want to be a profitable trader. I want to flow with the process of the trading.


Your book changed my entire perception of the market, trading and traders.


Thanks for sharing your knowledge!!


... G.O.


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Hi Lance,


Hope you are doing good.


I took your course. I practicing it for 1st Jan to till date.


I would like to thank you ...for this best ebook, i have ever read for price action.


My trading is improving day by day.


Thanks Again


Ravi S


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Your material is like answer to my prayer. I have been trying to put what I have learned so far (mainly with Wyckoff) but I still don't feel complete and systematic.


I want to have a trading methodology that I can use over and over, give me guidance when I am in doubt. Your methodology provide me the answer. It is so clear. I embrace your method immediately.


There are a few books that I read over and over, your book will be one of them.


I thank you for creating such a good teaching. I want to learn much more from you coach.





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Hi Lance


I just wanted to say a very big Thank You for the effort you seem to have put in creating the YTC PAT E-Book.


It is (in my humble opinion) the BEST price action trading book ever written.


I also want to thank you for the daily inspiration you provide with your Facebook posts - they are marvels of wisdom – I have created a folder with the best of them, like your idea for the ‘Best Trading Book Ever’...!


Keep up the good work...



Mark W.



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Also wanted to say that your course is unbelievable value for money. I have got so much out of it on so many levels. I especially like the process you set out for learning to trade. This is quite unique in a trading course.


Ann-Marie S.



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"Lance Beggs has given the neglected and oft taken advantage of community of traders an incredible gift. The YTC Trader course is in a league of it's own; leaving no stone unturned.


I feel that I've been exposed to enough mentors to conclude I'm rather proficient at sorting the "wheat from the chaff", and Lance is the cream of the crop.


Whether you use his methodology as a stand-alone or an adjunct to your current system, whether you trade the 5 minute or the 4 hour, the information found in his work will make you wonder how you ever traded without it. It is the most complete system I've seen in that it covers everything from setups, to trading psychology, to writing a thorough trading plan, and so much more in great detail.


Don't make the mistake I did and wait to commit yourself to learning this invaluable material."


James F.



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Hello Lance,


It’s been some time since I found your work. I’ve gone through your E-book several times already, I saw other’s people feedbacks and I agree with them. It’s unique, I don’t think I’ve seen any other course that would go in such details trying to explain how the markets work, and especially about developing process. For me personally, there’s a few things that I loved:


1)First of all, thanks to your explanation how the markets work, I now have confidence that I can figure out what market does in any circumstances, and that I could always find myself trade if I’ll want to.


2)And secondly, I love that it is real, that it’ll take time and it is the process of development. I thinks it is one of the main and best point that people missing. As you said , it’s only up to us whether we succeed or not.


Fade the weakness and think what others think!


Best regards,

Vladislav P.


(P.S. I’m starting on working YTC Scalping E-Book)



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Hi Lance,


I purchased your PAT ebook and finished reading it recently. It's the best trading book I have ever read.


I already started seeing improvement in my trading.


Thank you very much for writing such a wonderful book.




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