YTC Trading Education


YTC Price Action Trader

  • 6 Volume E-Book Series outlining the trading strategy which I used on a daily basis, up until mid-2010 (from then I’ve traded the YTC Scalper variant).


  • 590 pages of quality trading education.


  • Including 377 charts and diagrams.


  • The YTC Price Action Trader provides a discretionary approach to trading the forex, FX futures and emini futures markets on short intra-day timeframes (demonstrated on the 3 min trading timeframe). Information is provided on adapting this to other markets and timeframes, if you so desire.


  • A quick overview of the contents:


    • Volume One – Introduction

    • Volume Two – Markets and Market Analysis

    • Volume Three – Trading Strategy

    • Volume Four – Your Trading Business

    • Volume Five – Trader Development

    • Volume Six – Conclusion


  • To see a full table of contents and get more information… click here: YTC Price Action Trader

  • Sample pages:


YTC Scalper



  • If you enjoyed the YTC Price Action Trader, and wish to explore the application of this strategy on lower scalping timeframes… this supplementary ebook will demonstrate the way that I did it.


    • Higher Timeframe: 5 minute

    • Trading Timeframe: 1 minute

    • Lower Timeframe: 1 range


  • Please Note: YTC Price Action Trader is a prerequisite… without it you’ll be missing some key components, in particular the theory of markets and methods of market analysis. Please read it first!


  • For more information on YTC Scalper, including sample pages, go here:  YTC Scalper