Reader Feedback – Light Bulb Moments:

Hey Lance,

Hope you are well.

I refer to your newsletters dated 28/3 and 4/4, the contents of which embedded a light bulb moment in my head.

Up until now I’ve always hated gaps, I felt like the markets flow has been disrupted. In reality my perception was disrupted.

Hence I’ve always traded globex tick data. However there were limitations to this method as the chop of this data was based on my random figure, not that of the market participants. And the visual patterns regarding volatility are much clearer on time charts.

Then came your newsletters regarding Opening range and two lines you must have on your chart. My initial reaction was wow!, but after testing it on 3 months of RTH time data my reaction was wooooooowwwww! (PS. I included the prior day close while I was at it)

Now instead of needing a bias before the trading day, I go into each day with a neutral bias. Instead of being so tense prior to each open I’m now Mr cool.

The contents of your FREE newsletters are GOLD, but most people will likely underestimate it – unfortunately that’s human nature. All I can say is “KEEP IT COMING”

Thanks and Regards


NB. These are the two articles from the 28/3/14 and 4/4/14:

Check them out if you missed them… or try them again if you didn’t get your own light bulb moment.

Lance Beggs


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