The following are resources (free and paid) that I use for MY OWN trading.

Just because I like them doesn’t mean they’re right for you. Please conduct a full investigation to be sure these products meet your needs and circumstances, before considering their use.

And be sure to first read my Disclaimer page, as (a) I cannot guarantee the suitability of these sites, products or services to your needs and circumstances (obviously), and (b) I may receive a referral commission for some of the products or services listed on this site, if you decide to make a purchase. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.



I currently trade the YTC Price Action Trader strategy:

YTC Price Action Trader

Low Timeframe, Discretionary Price Action Analysis
for the Forex, FX Futures and E-mini Futures Markets.

Tools & Applications

Trading Platform

Ninja Trader

Note: This is not required for trading my YTC methodology. Many other modern futures platforms will provide sufficient functionality.


I need to be licensed as a Financial Advisor or Broker in my country in order to provide a recommendation for a broker that may be suitable for your needs and circumstances. And unfortunately this also applies to making a statement that could be interpreted by someone as a recommendation. So I’m not going there. I am limited to education only. No financial advice. Sorry!

Trading Journal

Trading Journal Spreadsheet

Economic Calendar

Forex Factory

Computer Data Backups


Cloud backups, unlimited number of files, unlimited file size.