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There is a growing problem on social media of scammers impersonating trading educators and firms and then contacting followers to attempt to scam you out of your money.

Their accounts will usually be copied straight from the original (same profile photo and posts). So they look legitimate. The primary difference is usually a very minor change in the username. Something you won’t notice unless carefully looking for it, such as a slight spelling change or the addition of a character such as a hyphen, underscore, period/full-stop or perhaps a number.

Please note: I will NEVER make unsolicited contact with you via direct message to sell you any product or service. And no other "representative of YourTradingCoach" will ever contact you to sell you any product or service.

This includes signup for a particular brokerage or managed accounts. And access to exclusive coaching services or groups.

In addition, I will NEVER ask you to pay for anything via transfer of Bitcoin or any other crypto funds.

If you are ever in doubt, contact me directly through proper means such as the contact page on my website so that I can confirm the offer does not come from me.

Please take care online.

And if you come across any of these scammers (whether impersonating me or someone else), please advise the real educator or firm so that they can request their followers report and block the scammer. The more reports they can get, the quicker these scammers are shut down.


Lance Beggs.