Trading Process and Strategy

How I Use the Daily Chart

  The majority of my pre-session higher timeframe (HTF) analysis is conducted on the 30 and 5 minute charts. Exactly as outlined in the YTC Price Action Trader, in constructing an HTF support & resistance framework. Before this though, I always have a quick glance at the daily chart. Maybe 5-10 seconds at most. Daily…

Trading Process and Strategy

Step Back and Reassess

  Let's start with a daily chart to get some "bigger picture" context… And now down to the trading timeframe… A little side note regarding the entry: While it may not be immediately obvious, this trade is a variation on the YTC Price Action Trader PB Setup. The pullback is all occurring within the one…

Trading Process and Strategy

Confidence in the Trend

  I've been discussing this idea for quite a while now. The idea that there is GREAT VALUE in studying your charts post-session to identify the price sequences which offered the best trading conditions. And then… the structural features which might help you identify similar trading conditions next time they occur. Just last week in…


Step Back – Define the Edges – and Wait

  Let's talk about recovery from a poor start to a trading session. Like this one… So here's the plan in three stages… Whenever you step away from a chart and miss a sequence of price action, you can almost always look back at it with hindsight and see opportunity that you could have taken….

Trading Process and Strategy

One Winner One Loser

  A question received last Monday: "Are you trading today? It's a holiday but the market is open." For future readers… Monday was 11th November 2019. Veterans Day. And yes, the economic calendar which I use also has this listed as a US holiday. But the market is definitely open all day (or at least…