A Quick Assessment of Trade Quality

I’d like to return to the session we discussed last week. And in particular the price action which followed that discussion. Because I found conditions quite challenging. And yet I’m fairly pleased with how I performed. With one exception. Let’s check it out. Stuck! Inside my head! Having forgotten that there is a simple way…

Trading Process and Strategy

Step Back and Reassess

  Let's start with a daily chart to get some "bigger picture" context… And now down to the trading timeframe… A little side note regarding the entry: While it may not be immediately obvious, this trade is a variation on the YTC Price Action Trader PB Setup. The pullback is all occurring within the one…


Step Back – Define the Edges – and Wait

  Let's talk about recovery from a poor start to a trading session. Like this one… So here's the plan in three stages… Whenever you step away from a chart and miss a sequence of price action, you can almost always look back at it with hindsight and see opportunity that you could have taken….


Embrace the Suck

  Let's talk a little about mindset. Or more specifically about our expectations leading into the day. Because I suspect that the way I approach the game differs quite a bit from many other traders. The market has opened… It's all about expectations. I expect a really tough day… and embrace the suck. Source: Wiktionary…


Resume the Fight at a Time of YOUR Choosing

I sent the following post out via social media on Tuesday, prompted by some discussion with a trader who dug himself into quite a hole through doubling down on losses. This message is so important I thought I'd share it with my larger audience here in the newsletter. And also take the opportunity to expand…