The Hardest Trade

  What do we do here? Well there's not a lot we can do. It's missed opportunity. And yes, I know that with hindsight we can look at the lower timeframes and find ways we "could" have got in. But we're not hindsight traders! It's missed opportunity. It's gone. And our job is now to…

Trading Process and Strategy

Patience at the Open

  Until you have a good read of the market, there is NO TRADE. Confidence in your real-time understanding of the market structure. Confidence in your real-time understanding of the nature of price movement. Confidence in your real-time assessment of market bias. Confidence in your projection of that market bias forward in time and price….

Trading Process and Strategy

The Other Trader (6)

  Let's continue with an old article series – the metagame – trading AGAINST other traders who find themselves on the wrong side of the market. Because… If I can't feel someone on the other side of the market getting it really wrong, there is no trade. You can see the prior articles here if…