If you don’t get annoyed when this happens, then you don’t quite understand edge.

I had an interesting thought while trading (or trying to trade) the following sequence: And then I thought… In over 10 years of writing for YTC, I don’t recall anyone EVER sending me a chart and saying that they’re pissed off that they missed a trade… WHICH WOULD HAVE LOST. Maybe, like my initial reaction,…

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3 Methods to Manage a Negative Expectancy Setup

  Let's start by assuming that you are tracking your trade results and compiling stats to drive further growth and development. (See here if you're not!) What do you do when you discover one part of your trading plan consistently underperforming? It might be one particular setup. It might be one particular type of market…


You Won’t Be Successful Until You’re Ok With Losing!

A VERY common theme amongst the email Q&A I get from new and developing traders is the frustration that comes from having a losing trade. They typically want to know where they went wrong. Or what they should have done better. Often though… there was NOTHING wrong. Losses happen. Seriously! This is not a game…


Expect Imperfection

  Imperfection is part of the game. Expect it. While you should always seek to minimise error and to improve your market reading skill and decision making abilities, you cannot ever completely eliminate imperfection. Instead, your job is to learn to profit over a series of trades, despite the presence of imperfect decisions and actions.