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High Volatility – Thoughts for Developing Traders

We have been blessed with some absolutely amazing markets lately. Incredible daily ranges. Incredible opportunity. And incredible risk, if not played wisely. So while it's tempting to use today's article as an ego-boosting review of a couple of winning trades, that's not really what motivates me with my YTC writing. I'm more concerned about your…


Trader Motivation

  For the first time in maybe a decade I'm not writing a post this week. Not because I lack motivation. But rather, because I've come across an exceptional resource (from Alex Vermeer) that I want to share with you. The journey to becoming a trader is a long and frustrating one. So the more…

Trading Process and Strategy

Traps Just Before RTH Open – 4

  Traps immediately before the open… we've discussed them a number of times over the last year. Here are some of the previous discussions, if you missed them:   And you'll probably find a few more examples if you scroll back through the social media feeds. The thing is though – the…

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5 Steps for Daily Improvement

  The following screen capture was sent out via social media a fortnight ago. I think it's so important that I want this to go out to everyone on the newsletter list as well. Plus an entry into the blog for future readers. It's a quick response to an exceptional question – what are five…

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My Go-To Method for Solving Trading Problems – Part Two

Part One is here if you missed it – In that article I presented a three question framework which I use to seek solutions to any of my trading problems. Can I avoid the problem? Can I reduce the frequency? Can I reduce the consequences? Or in simpler English: Is there something I can…

Trading Business

My Go-To Method for Solving Trading Problems

The internet is full of problem-solving models and systems. But here’s one I’ve been using my whole trading career. It’s a simple series of three questions. A subset of five questions regularly used back in my Aviation days in order to manage risks (only three of the five are usually relevant in the trading field)….

Trading Process and Strategy

Find Your A+ Trades

  Let's continue this recent theme… Focus on the areas of the market structure that jump out at you. The sequences that are so obvious, so easy, that you'd be kicking yourself if you missed the trade. Identify them. Study them. Learn from them. And then trade ONLY them… until you've got a proven edge….