A Quick Assessment of Trade Quality

I’d like to return to the session we discussed last week. And in particular the price action which followed that discussion. Because I found conditions quite challenging. And yet I’m fairly pleased with how I performed. With one exception. Let’s check it out. Stuck! Inside my head! Having forgotten that there is a simple way…


One Minute to Market Open

This one is for day-traders on low timeframes. Traders who make discretionary decisions. Traders who rely strongly on being able to FOCUS. Being present with the market. And fully immersed in the the price movement as it flows from bar to bar. Sounds awesome, right! Until we realise that sometimes life just doesn’t give a…

Trading Process and Strategy

The Mindset Required For Re-Entry

Sometimes a slight change in perspective can make ALL the difference. The light bulb comes on. And what was once hidden is now blindingly obvious. It’s my hope that today’s article may well provide someone with one of these paradigm shifts, as it relates to the mindset required for trade re-entry. If you operate with…


The Good News About Bad Market Openings

I love market opens. The time of day that typically offers the greatest pace and potential for range expansion. But let’s be honest – sometimes they suck. I have a rule – two failed attempts at something and I consider standing aside. Three failed attempts and it’s compulsory. Today I’m standing aside after two attempts….


Followup to “Today – Anything Can Happen”

There was an article sent out four weeks ago (Today – Anything Can Happen) which discussed a simple mindset trick to help you separate your narrative about the world from your job of recognising and adapting to the actual market bias. While the “real world” suffers through the ongoing trauma of 2020… it can be…


Managing Anxiety While In A Trade

  The following is a great question from YTC reader Aaron. I thought this would be worthy of entry into the blog and newsletter as it's a question which will be relevant to anyone who allows discretion in their trade management plan. And I'm really keen for anyone else to add their ideas and thoughts…


Today – Anything Can Happen

  I sent out the following social media post last Saturday: All-time highs in the NASDAQ! Incredible when you consider where we were just two months prior. And of course when you consider the current state of the world. But that's the nature of markets. They don't care what we think. So I thought I…