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Time Management for Traders

  Here's a great question I received via private message on Facebook during the week, which I think is relevant to all of us. I'll make an assumption here that the intent is to talk about how to fit trading into "life". That is, how to find sufficient time for not only trading, but all…


Improving Performance by Optimising Your Time Perspective

  Part of my pre-session routine involves a quick review of my Motivation Journal. The Motivation Journal is simply a folder containing various pieces of text or image material which I find sufficiently motivating; the aim being to ensure I face each trading session with focus and commitment and, most importantly, confidence. The YTC Price…


Do You Need A Better Belief System

  "The words we attach to our experience become our experience." … Anthony Robbins   The following are extracts taken from email Q&A with traders (taken at random from my email archives). I love trading and keep on working hard, striving to become a better trader each day. I am constantly working on my weaknesses…


Creating the Conditions for Success

Performance psychology plays a VITAL part in my daily trading routines and processes, as I’ve outlined in the image below. Have you established your own tools, methods and strategies to ensure peak performance? If not, why not? Your trading strategy may contain a tested and proven edge, and yet all too often we see traders…


Does Trading Add Value to Society?

If you're not on facebook ( then you would have missed this recent Q&A: Question:  (in response to a repost of this old article: I saw this in your recent article, "And I certainly believe that the career of a trader does provide significant benefits for society (a subject for another future article perhaps)"….


Biofeedback for Trader Psychology

(NOTE: This is not an advertisement! It's a report of my first attempts to introduce biofeedback into my trading routine.) Several weeks ago I advised in the YTC newsletter that I'd bought an emWave2 biofeedback device. My plan was that I'd experiment with it over the following 6-8 weeks and report on it's effectiveness as…