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As A Discretionary Trader, How Do I Define My Edge?

  Question: "As a discretionary trader, how do I define my edge?" Answer:   Here are some ideas: Strategy development: YTC Price Action Trader YTC Scalper (note: YTC Price Action Trader is a necessary prerequisite) Work on psychology: My Daily Trading Psychology Routine Improve the recording of your stats: Trading Journal Spreadsheet Replay and Review…


Improving Performance by Optimising Your Time Perspective

  Part of my pre-session routine involves a quick review of my Motivation Journal. The Motivation Journal is simply a folder containing various pieces of text or image material which I find sufficiently motivating; the aim being to ensure I face each trading session with focus and commitment and, most importantly, confidence. The YTC Price…


Does Trading Add Value to Society?

If you're not on facebook ( then you would have missed this recent Q&A: Question:  (in response to a repost of this old article: I saw this in your recent article, "And I certainly believe that the career of a trader does provide significant benefits for society (a subject for another future article perhaps)"….