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One of my Favourite Weekend Replay Options

I sent out the following social media post before the market opened on Thursday. The chart sequence was from the day before (Wednesday). But then Thursday happened. Wow! Volatility is well and truly back. So now Thursday shifts to the forefront of my plans for weekend replay. Both days if time… but otherwise Thursday is…

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A Sign of Good Trading

I want to revisit the trades we discussed in last week’s article – Trading with Multiple Forward Projections. I really like this series of trades. Because there is a lesson in trader performance that I think is worth discussing. Something that I would suggest is a sign of good trading. “Wait? What?” I can hear…


A Confidence Boosting Progress Check

We’ve talked for quite a few years about tracking your trading results in “groups of trades”. And using the stats from those groups to drive your growth and development. (If you need a larger copy of the original flowchart image, I believe this was the first article it appeared in.) It can be very tempting…

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5 Steps for Daily Improvement

  The following screen capture was sent out via social media a fortnight ago. I think it's so important that I want this to go out to everyone on the newsletter list as well. Plus an entry into the blog for future readers. It's a quick response to an exceptional question – what are five…

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My Go-To Method for Solving Trading Problems – Part Two

Part One is here if you missed it – In that article I presented a three question framework which I use to seek solutions to any of my trading problems. Can I avoid the problem? Can I reduce the frequency? Can I reduce the consequences? Or in simpler English: Is there something I can…

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My Go-To Method for Solving Trading Problems

The internet is full of problem-solving models and systems. But here’s one I’ve been using my whole trading career. It’s a simple series of three questions. A subset of five questions regularly used back in my Aviation days in order to manage risks (only three of the five are usually relevant in the trading field)….

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Thoughts Leading into the New Year

  My performance last year… NO LONGER MATTERS. WHAT MATTERS… IS WHAT I DO RIGHT NOW! I am scheduling time during my Christmas and New Year break for three major areas of focus: 1. REST I don't yet know the challenges that I'll face in the new year, but I know that I will be…