Just wanted to drop you a line and simply say thanks for being a trade educator. I came across your “you tube” page 15 months ago at the time when I first began to actively trade. The courses on TA and micro candlestick patterns have proven to be a solid foundation for me to build on as a full time trader. Currently I am at a 70% success average…I have a passion for this profession. My goals are to continue to learn as well as teach others how to trade and take control their financial lives.


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“I’ve been trading for over 5 years, and profitably past 2 years so I consider myself a few ticks past novice. I wish your site was around 5 years ago. Your content and methods are superb, and your presentations are top notch. Even today, from the few videos that I viewed, it made me look back and rethink some of my own methods, since I know in this business the learning never ceases. Even if your service was not free, it certainly has value and would be worth the money you would charge. I hope your coaching site continues to grow and traders everywhere appreciate what you can do for their trading goals and careers. Congratulations on your great work, and showing the trading world what a great business this is when done correctly, smartly and with integrity.”


“Hello Sir, your analysis is too good…I really love it…It has changed my perspective about Stock Market…Earlier I was just anticipating that price should move up and up only; but after watching your videos of tech.analysis and Candlestick analysis and articles; I have been able to understand that its a process…and you will be happy to know that I have adopted that process reasonably well and now my success ratio in stock market is 70%…and each successful trade covers the stop loss hit of 2 unsuccessful trades…so things are going pretty well right now… Many Many Thanks to you…!!!”


“I just wanted to let you know what an excellent site you have… Like many traders I have been shackled by greed and fear, and your site has really allowed me to confront those issues and deal with them. …you have mentioned so much that I can relate to. Thanks again Lance”


“I’ve just read your pdf “The importance of exit strategy”. All I can say is Congrats!! It’s among the very best I’ve ever read about exiting, which is really the core about trading (IMO).”


“I have just finished watching your videos on candle stick trading and must say they are superb. Not only that, but you put them across in a very easy to understand manner. have learnt more from your website in the last few weeks than I ever did from anywhere else in the time I have been trading, (which is on and off for 4 years) it really is a great site.”


“I just wanted to say thank you for your excellent videos on YouTube regarding Candlesticks. I was quite expert at them in the last decade pre September 11th which finished me up from the Stock Market until just recently. In an effort to refresh myself I have been trolling the Net and came across you and watched your entire set in a single day and loved it. So thanks very much, I have also signed up for your newsletter and when I figure out what it is you are actually flogging I might even jump in. Best wishes.”