“I just wanted to take a moment to give kudos. Your website is outstanding. I really like the (12) elements video. Essential for anyone starting out. Your website is great… so much info, even though sections are still are work in progress – It’s a terrific site for education. Good work Lance. I can only imagine how much time you must spend on it. I need to make more time to watch all the different videos. Although I’m pretty set in my (trading) ways, one can never stop learning, and the content you have, even though we trade different markets, is right up my alley. I’m glad I stumbled upon your site. Thanks for everything”


“Hi Lance – I’ve just spent the last hour or so reading various pages of advice on your site, and can I just say that as a relative beginner to trading I think it’s an absolutely excellent resource! Well done and please keep it up. I feel that there is hope for me yet with this calibre of advice…”


“Hi Lance, Great video, If I had only found this site 12 months ago I would not have to spend so much cash buying software that doesn’t come with the know how. You have cleared up a lot of confusion for me with your videos on candle sticks and exits. Looking forward to hearing from you and continue with the great work you are doing.”


“Just dropping by to say you videos are great! Very informative, clear and easy to understand and i like the you emphasize the bigger picture and that candle sticks are tools and not the holy grail. Great Videos keep it up!”


“Thank you for making yourself available to tiny traders, I am honored to have the audience of such a seasoned, experienced trader. Thank you again for your time, it means the world to me.”


“Thank you Lance, and keep up the great work! Good education on trading is hard to find.”


“This video is a very effective learning tool for beginners like me…thank you very much….GOD BLESS…”


“Thanks very much Lance for posting these video’s. Makes it so much easier and interesting than trying to understand books all the time. An excellent training tool.”