Performance psychology plays a VITAL part in my daily trading routines and processes, as I’ve outlined in the image below.

mindmap of my performance psychology plan

Have you established your own tools, methods and strategies to ensure peak performance?

If not, why not?

Your trading strategy may contain a tested and proven edge, and yet all too often we see traders poorly implement a strategy leading to underperformance or complete failure. This is because the edge within your strategy is really only a POTENTIAL EDGE.

The reality is that… YOU ARE THE REAL EDGE.

It’s the implementation of your plan which determines success or failure.

Trading is a performance activity. Success requires effective operation under pressure. Effective operation requires simple, practical tools and strategies designed to manage your state and optimise your performance.

If you do not yet have effective tools and strategies in place, then you need to take action. Use the headings within the Performance Psychology mindmap (above) to (a) guide your study on the topic of performance psychology, and to (b) guide you in developing routines to maintain focus on process and to establish and maintain a peak performance mindset.


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