Embrace the Suck


Let's talk a little about mindset. Or more specifically about our expectations leading into the day.

Because I suspect that the way I approach the game differs quite a bit from many other traders.

The market has opened…

<image: Embrace the suck>

<image: Embrace the suck>

<image: Embrace the suck>

<image: Embrace the suck>

It's all about expectations.

I expect a really tough day…

and embrace the suck.

<image: Embrace the suck>

Source: Wiktionary

This difference in mindset is important.

Expecting simplicity leads more often than not to disappointment and frustration, as conditions do not turn out the way you expect.

And disappointment and frustration do NOT typically lead to effective decision making, as we analyse the market and identify and manage trade opportunity.

Expecting a challenge leads to a slightly more defensive mindset. One ready to survive through difficult conditions. And yet still open to potential large gains when the market surprises us with more favourable price movement.

Market conditions OFTEN suck.

The sooner you can accept and appreciate this. And in fact EXPECT it, the sooner you'll be able to get on with the job of managing it.

<image: Embrace the suck>

<image: Embrace the suck>

<image: Embrace the suck>

<image: Embrace the suck>

<image: Embrace the suck>

<image: Embrace the suck>

<image: Embrace the suck>

<image: Embrace the suck>

<image: Embrace the suck>

<image: Embrace the suck>

<image: Embrace the suck>


If the market provides massively favourable conditions… that's a bonus.

If my execution just happens to be flawlessly in sync with the price movement… that's a bonus.

But I don't ever expect it.

Confidence does not come from hoping or praying for A+ trading conditions.

It comes from knowing that even if the market conditions are crap, or your execution at times really stinks, you can adapt and overcome.

Embrace the suck!

Expect it.

And learn to prevail despite it.

That is how you develop unshakeable confidence.

Happy trading,

Lance Beggs



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  1. Sage advice. A hint of stoicism in there?

    I am struggling with this at the moment. I have realized though that a big part of embracing the suck comes from having (and realizing that you do have) that skill to cope with anything that the market might throw at you. Reading the market right (or – perhaps more importantly – realizing when you have read it wrong) no matter what the price action. Am in the process exposing myself to as many ‘playing fields’ as possible to up this game.


    1. Yes, it’s not easy. This does require confidence in the fact that we can overcome whatever we’re presented with. And that confidence can’t be faked. It only comes from experiencing longer-term success.

      But in the meantime, we can lean upon a different form of confidence – in the fact that we are driving our development in the right direction. Note where you want to be. Note where you are. And work towards bridging that gap.

      Is your ability to manage challenging conditions better than it was 6 months ago? Or 12 months ago? Great. You’re progressing. Keep at it.

      1. Thanks Lance.

        Yup, I think I am on the right track. My progress has been like an uptrend wave. When I get a (minor) breakthrough in my understanding is my break out. Then the stuff that I can achieve with this breakthrough starts diminishing and reaches a plateau. That’s my retracement. And then, if I keep at it, the next breakout comes along. These breakouts have kept me going. πŸ™‚

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