My apologies to those who saw this on YTC Social Media last weekend.

The fact is that this is far too important to let slide.

And it will reach a FAR GREATER audience through my newsletter and blog.

The following is a damn good video on developing an effective trading mindset. 

Play the video.

And in particular, take note of the techniques that baseball player Evan Longoria uses to overcome performance pressure and adopt a clear and focused mindset:

If the video player is not showing on your device, click here to access the video in YouTube.

There is so much value in this video, on how to develop and maintain a focused and calm mind.

But today I want you to focus on the mental reset, for those times when the game is not going to plan.

Because that happens in baseball. And it happens in trading.

From 8:00 minutes:

  • Step out of the box.
  • Undo the gloves.
  • Release the pitch (mentally let it go).
  • Put the gloves back on.
  • Step back into the box.

And he’s back.

Mentally, the prior failure has been released and he’s back in the present moment.

Ritual behaviour. Repeatable.

A quick and effective method to close out one chapter and reset yourself mentally for the next.

Consider the same for your trading.

Something simple and repeatable.

I’ve been using this for a while now and find it quite effective:

  • Step back from my desk.
  • Look at my hands.
  • Wipe and shake my hands as if removing water from them (mentally releasing and letting go of the situation that put me on tilt).
  • Pause and confirm I’m ready.
  • Step back to my desk.
  • Double tap my mouse pad.
  • Game on. FOCUS!

Poor entry? Mental reset.

Emotional scratching of the trade? Mental reset.

Missed trade? Mental reset.

Stopped out to the tick and can’t get back in? Mental reset.

Two losses in a row? Mental reset.

This of course will not create edge where there is none. But it will improve your current situation.

If your strategy and skill combines to provide an edge, it will enhance that edge.

If your strategy and skill shows a consistently negative outcome, it will make it “less bad” through reducing the likelihood of a complete meltdown. And will cement in place good habits that will enhance results in future, when experience allows you to show a positive expectancy.


1. Watch the video if you skipped it.

2. Develop your own mental reset routine. Adopt mine. Or use it as a starting point to make your own. Something unique to your trading environment and your personality.

3. Commit to a one month trial (at least). And see if this adds value to your trading.

Go for it.

Lance Beggs

PS. And check out this prior article which covers the same concept:



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