In a recent article (here) I stated that I was planning to do some research into methods of maintaining good eyesight and reducing eye strain.

Well the YTC readers have come to my rescue.

From Di:

Hi Lance

Thanks for the newsletter this week.

I noticed on your 'to do' list is a task to research eye techniques for tiredness. Being a yoga Instructor I often practice these at home and with students.

I found this link which gives the basic ones:  
(I'll embed the video down below the article)

You can also do diagonally top left to bottom right, top right to bottom left and lastly circle the eyes clockwise and then anti-clockwise, closing the eyes between each variation. One other variation is doing the eye exercises with the eyelids closed and notice any difference.

Another method is rubbing the palms of your hands together for a few minutes until you have heat in the palms and gently holding the palms over the closed eyelids. Or buy yourself a fragrant eye bag to rest on them.

Hope you find this useful.



Thanks Di! This is exactly what I was after and I've now added eye exercises to my daily pre and post-session routines.

I've also received a recommendation for the Bates Method and Alexander Techniques (thanks Brian). There seems to be some similarity with the above 'eye movement' exercises and the method of cupping the eyes. Bates' additional idea of sunning the eyes seems to have been discredited by scientists since his day. You'll find some starting info here if you want to look into this further: Bates Method, Alexander Technique.

Disclaimer: I am of course not a medical practitioner or eye specialist. I make no claims regarding the suitability of these methods for your own needs. I'll personally be making use of the eye movement / relaxation exercises. If you feel this may benefit you as well, that's great! But please seek guidance from a qualified medical specialist if you have any cause for concern about the health of your eyes or eyesight.

Lance Beggs



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