<image: Missed Opportunity Mindset Hack>

<image: Missed Opportunity Mindset Hack>

<image: Missed Opportunity Mindset Hack>

The end result is that I still have a profit. And yet I feel crap. And my mind starts beating me up for not doing better.

All part of being human, I guess.

But not ideal if you wish to be an effective trader.

There is very little to be gained by carrying negativity into the rest of the trading session.

So here’s what I do.


Break the cycle of negativity as soon as you can. Actively, consciously, seek out and focus on something positive.

Here’s one I use in situations like the above trade example, where I’ve taken some good profits but left a whole lot more on the table.

Immediately… look left and find an earlier multiple-trade losing sequence.

Does the trade I just took completely cover that multiple-trade loss and still provide profits? If so, that’s awesome. Great trade. Move on.

Let’s check the charts…

<image: Missed Opportunity Mindset Hack>

If there isn’t an earlier losing sequence, then find something else positive. Anything.

Even if it’s just something basic like, “There was a time in the past when I wouldn’t have caught that at all. I did today. Awesome! Great Trade! Move on!

Whenever you find yourself with some negativity… break the pattern!

Find a positive. Any positive.

Enjoy the positive.

And consciously declare, “Great trade! Move on!”

There are more trades coming and they need your full attention, with a positive and focused mindset.

Happy trading,

Lance Beggs



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