Sometimes the markets can seem so cruel.

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Sometimes the markets seem so cruel

This is part of the game.

It's not cruel.

Rather it's just my inability to properly adapt to the conditions in the market at this time.

The first entry was too early but well managed.

The second… well… had I used a BUY STOP order rather than a BUY STOP LIMIT then the order would have filled and I'd look like a genius with a large outlier profit on an otherwise crappy day.

But I didn't!

Imperfection is part of the game.

Our aim is to profit over a SERIES of trades despite these occasional displays of imperfection. If the risk is contained when we get it wrong, then that is ok. Because any losses will be easily countered by those that do work out well.

It's all about the Expectancy Formula

The market is not cruel.

It's just your imperfection in aligning your decisions and actions with the flow of the market which makes it feel that way sometimes.

Forgive yourself for your imperfection. And extend your focus beyond the current trade.

This is a business of profiting over a SERIES of trades.

Happy trading,

Lance Beggs

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  1. There is a lesson here that goes way beyond trading. Just like trading, your life doesn’t hinge on any one day, decision, random event, person, and definitely not a job. People say life is cruel because something didn’t go there way. Hogwash. Life is neutral, just like the market. How you interact with it makes it seem wonderful or cruel. When things don’t go your way in life, manage them as best you can to mitigate the downside. Look for opportunity for re-entry if it’s there….or move onto the next opportunity, lover, job, whatever. We profit in life over a series of events, not any particular one.

    Thanks for the lesson Lance. There is no end to the lessons we can learn about life and how to live from the markets and generous people like you. Your work has changed lives and will continue to do so. Talk about a profit.

    1. Awesome! Thanks Ken. Love it! 🙂 And I agree entirely. There are so many life lessons in the markets. There is no greater personal development tool than financial speculation!

  2. yup. Markets are not cruel. They behaved the same for all (almost all) the participants.

    We were not aligned and we paid the price.

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