• “As a discretionary trader, how do I define my edge?”


You Don't Get an Edge; You Become the Edge!

My edge is ME!

Knowledge... skill... and attitude!

Trading is a performance activity. Trading is a decision making activity.

You are YOUR edge... positive or negative!

Work harder than other traders!

What do you plan on doing today to further develop your edge?


Here are some ideas:

Strategy development:

Work on psychology:

Improve the recording of your stats:

Replay and Review prior sessions:

Develop your Market Structure Journal:

General reading:

Happy trading,

Lance Beggs


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  1. Yup. .

    I believe once a feel for price flow has properly been developed, one can outperform most system based trading methods. Just my novice opinion though.

    Really great article.

  2. You are right. On trades with clear edges, I can realise the calmness. The ups and downs make me to follow the price flow and manage the trade without any anxiety or tension or doubt. And after closing the trade, I can feel the satisfaction in the trade irrespective of the outcome. That feels amazing. Thank you for the edge (Mr.Beggs).

    Tom James

    1. Thanks Tom,
      I love this comment, “I can feel the satisfaction in the trade irrespective of the outcome”
      That is a key part of becoming a trader! 🙂

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