"Good is the enemy of great."
…Jim Collins

I am guilty of allowing my trading development to stagnate. Generally happy with my level of performance, I have seen little new progress over the last year. To some degree, the 3-4 hours per day answering YTC emails and writing a new blog post or newsletter article does get in the way. But it's not a valid excuse. In fact, I wonder sometimes if this is simply a convenient rationalisation allowing me to avoid the fear and discomfort of further progress.

Enough is enough!

I need to work on increasing size. I need to improve my ability to hold the potential outliers for longer. And I need to further explore options for trading during MY timezone, whether via longer timeframes or one of the Asian session futures contracts, as I'm not sure how many more years I'll be interested in working till 3am.

Have you also accepted less than you're capable of achieving?

We fear growth because to grow means to always be operating just outside of our comfort zone. Always stretching and striving for more. Growth involves risk.

But the greater risk is the risk of stagnation.Just as water loses its purity through stagnation, so to does our passion for life and our passion for trading.

If your trading performance is good, it's only because you haven't yet made it better.

Stop resting on your laurels.Take action. Face your fears and proceed ever more boldly forward towards them. This is the path to greatness.

Lance Beggs

PS. Your next step is here: https://yourtradingcoach.com/trading-business/3-simple-steps-to-accelerate-your-learning/

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